Alex Honnold engaged to Sanni McCandless

Alex Honnold is a world famous rock climber, who recently wowed everyone with his latest achievement – he performed a free solo ascent of the El Capitan granite monolith in Yosemite National Park and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Sanni McCandless. Alex fans also got to see Sanni in the Oscar-winning documentary ‘Free Solo’.

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Early life and family

Cassandra “Sanni” McCandless was born on June 30, 1992, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA – she spent half of her childhood between her hometown and the city of Seattle, Washington. Her zodiac sign is Cancer and she has American nationality. Cassandra was born into a family with two children, her sisters Helen and Laila.

Today, I realized that I had the job of my dreams. 5 years ago (or maybe even earlier) I said out loud that one day I wanted to…

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His mother, corporate communications specialist Lesley Marijke McCandless, and his father, an electromagnetic engineer, Jay McCandless, own a California-based company called “Suncastle Microwave LLC”. They spend a lot of time at work, but Cassandra remembers that they always took care of their children, even though they were very busy. Cassandra got her nickname “Sanni” from her childhood friend, who couldn’t say her name correctly, so shortened it in her own way, and Cassandra liked it so much she started introducing herself to others. like Sanni. Since her early years, Sanni has been fond of active games and also loves to sing.


Sanni graduated from East Chapel Hill High School in 2010, enrolling at the University of North Carolina, located in Chapel Hill.

During her freshman year, she joined an a capella music group called “Cadence”, not as a singer but as a business leader and social president, organizing their performances at various events and festivals. local. In 2014, Sanni graduated from UNC with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. In 2017, Sanni became a Certified Personal Life Coach, completing her studies at iPEC.


Career in marketing and event planning

While in college, Sanni started working as a waitress at a small cafe called “Carmine’s Ristorante and Pizzeria”. Developing her management expertise, she took advantage of her work with the music group “Cadence” and signed up for an internship in the field of event planning at the “Back Country Land Trust”, a non-profit organization in Environmental Protection.

Sanni McCandless

In 2013, Sanni joined the Durham Arts Council, one of America’s oldest arts councils, and also interned at his Alma Mater, completing the “UNC APPLES Program”, hosting several events there, including CenterFest Arts. Festival. During her senior year of college, Sanni worked as a Spanish teacher, also nannying to her parents’ family of friends.

In 2014, Sanni worked as a hotel assistant in the WorkAway organization, living in Cordoba, Spain, for a few months. After working for Koru Careers for a short time, Sanni secured the position of Events and Marketing Coordinator at the Queensland Council of Social Service, working for its Energy Savvy Families programme.

Go from employee to adventurer

In 2015 Sanni left QCOSS to join her older sister in coaching outdoor adventure sports including rock climbing. Within a few years, Sanni became an entrepreneur, founding a life coaching center, attracting more and more clients and feeling stable in the new market. Later, Sanni became a co-founder of OutWild, a community for people who want to live an outdoor lifestyle and enjoy outdoor sports. Along with fellow co-founders, mountain athlete Jeremy Jensen, and career manager and podcast host Courtney Sanford, Sanni helps others change their lives and connect with nature and achieve freedom of expression. self. “Through her coaching, she helps people overcome the doubts and worries that constantly keep them from living fearlessly and feeling fulfilled.

Her clients achieve lifelong goals and find agency in their own lives by learning to communicate more honestly,” explains Sanni’s information on OutWild’s official website. During the difficult times of the 2020 global pandemic, Sanni is hosting free online workshops such as “Effective Communication”, “How to Have Difficult Conversations”, and others.

Personal life, fiancé Alex Honnold

Sanni met her future fiancé, Alex Honnold, at a book launch event Alex hosted for his 2015 book “Alone on the Wall” – Sanni was brave enough to pass him a small piece of paper with his number on it when he signed her copy of the book. After a few weeks, when Alex returned to Seattle, he called her and they started dating, and Sanni then started accompanying him on his travels.

At the beginning of their relationship, Alex had already had the idea of ​​climbing the rock of El Capitan, even though he had already had two accidents. Later, Sanni was featured in the documentary film “Free Solo”, directed by Jimmy Chin and his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, who were also the producers of the film. The film won the Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 2019, leaving behind such documentaries as “Minding the Gap”, “Hale County This Morning, This Evening” and “RBG”. The film also won several awards from 2018 to 2019, including the Toronto International Film Festival Awards, the British Academy Film Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards, winning all seven categories for which the film was nominated.

Sanni is often asked by her followers if she is afraid that Alex is dying, as he often puts himself in danger almost daily.

She once wrote that at first she didn’t even think about her death, but after her friend Ueli died in an accident while climbing Everest and his wife Nicole was widowed, Sanni understood that people whom she loved often lived their lives on the edge. . Yet even then she wrote, “I would never want my death to take away the joy of living from someone else. It’s natural and healthy to cry, but maybe it’s just as well when the time is up. Not because we won’t miss the shit of the people we love, but because death is coming for all of us.”

Who is Alex Honnold?

Alexander Honnold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California, United States. His mother, Dierdre Wolownich, is also a climber – she climbed El Capitan when she was 66, but not free solo, as her son later did.

Alex’s father, Charles Forrest Honnold, is a community college professor. Alex admits he’s never been the best climber because he’s seen a lot of kids who started climbing early and did it like they had a natural gift. Alex says he was never like this, but he had a passion for it, so he managed to accomplish so much. Alex became popular in the climbing world when he soloed the Rostrum and Astroman in Yosemite Valley in one day, and completed many other significant climbs, including several freestyle solos and freestyle solos. speed.

Alex is a vegetarian and does not use any drugs or alcohol. His major interest after climbing is reading; he reads several books a week when he has free time between his climbs.

Among his favorite writers are Crey Rich, David A. Sinclair and Robin Diangelo. Alex calls himself an “atheist and feminist activist”.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Sanni loves winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and mountain skiing. She also enjoys swimming, dancing and just walking in the woods. His favorite creature is a butterfly.

Is Sanni related to Chris McCandless?

Sanni is often asked if she is related to fellow outdoor enthusiast and hiker, Chris McCandless, who starved to death in 1992, aged just 24, while traveling across South America. North, as he had few supplies.

Sanni knows her story, but they are not related.

Appearance, style of dress

Sanni has long light brown hair, is 1.7m (5ft 6in) tall, weighs around 56kg (123lbs) and her vital stats are 34-24-35. Sanni likes to wear straw hats. She has no tattoos.

Net Worth and Salary

In 2020, Sanni’s net worth is said to be around $1 million while her fiancé Alex has a reputed net worth of over $1.5 million which has increased significantly after the success of the documentary film about his free solo El Capitan.

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