Chloe Grace Moretz meets Marvel for a potential future role

Grace Moretz will soon make her big comeback in the superhero genre. Former child actress Chloe Grace Moretz made her breakthrough as the Hit-Girl in the comic book adaptation Kick-Ass. Since then, she has continued to work steadily in the film industry, however, Moretz has yet to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a recent interview, Moretz acknowledged that she’s had discussions with Marvel Studios about joining the MCU, she hasn’t confirmed if these were general discussions or if they pertained to a particular project or role. While she acknowledges it would be interesting to play another superhero, she says she’s more drawn to the concept of playing a supervillain. In the last interviewshe remarked that she has yet to find the ideal role to be a member of the MCU.

“Yeah, we talked about it a bit. I mean, I think for me, I would be really interested in playing a villain in Marvel or DC, and jumping more into the darker side of the role. I love a superhero. I think that would be really fun too, but I think it’s just a matter of finding the one that really matches what you want to convey and the scope of the character. I think it would be really fun if it was the right role and the right project.

Roles Chloe Moretz Could Play In The MCU

Chloe Moretz as Spider-Gwen

Chloe Moretz as Spider-Gwen

In a future Spider-Man 4 movie, the actress could appear alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Mortez could be the perfect choice if Marvel Studios decides to introduce Gwen Stacy at some point. She has the sleek charm needed to play Gwen and might even become a fan favorite after Emma Stone’s stunning portrayal of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man Duology.

Ultimately, she could also play Spider-Gwen from Earth -65 in the Marvel comics. It was revealed in Spider-Man No Way Home that different variations of Spider-Man exist across the vast multiverse.

The outcome of those talks between Chloe Grace Moretz and Marvel Studios is currently unknown, but the actress would be a great fit for multiple roles in the MCU in the future.

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