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‘He Just Released a Will Smith’: Matt Smith’s Targaryen Demon Takes the Internet in Latest Episode of House of the Dragon, Fans Say Scene Was Inspired by Chris Rock’s Oscars Slap Controversy


Dragon House Star Matt Smith had a peculiar scene in the show’s latest episode that is gaining hilarious reception across the internet. Life imitates art. In the same way, art often tends to imitate life. To say the beheading scene in Episode 8 was reminiscent of the slapped door at the Oscars would be an understatement.

House of the Dragon FandomWire
Matt Smith as Demon Targaryen

In a scene that guaranteed jaw-dropping tension, Daemon Targaryen pulled off a twisted and violently humorous turn. The Doctor Who the alum brought an intriguing touch to the Dragon House cinematic narrative that has garnered applause and appreciation from all fans of the franchise.

Before continuing, Spoiler alert for episode 8 of House of the Dragon!

The beheading scene in House of the Dragon Episode 8

Vaemond Velaryon in The House of the Dragon
Vaemond Velaryon threatens Rhaenys Targaryen

Without going into details, all we can reveal is that Ser Vaemond Velaryon fell through Daemon Targaryen’s trap. In the episode, Princess Rhaenys has just learned that Lord Corlys Velaryon, has suffered an injury in the Stepstones. Although he has yet to meet his death, it is speculated that he might. This brings us to a sequence that details the case of the potential heirs for Driftmark’s estate.

Lord Corlys’ younger brother Vaemond was one of the heirs to the throne of Driftmark, despite being a second son. Thus, just like the others, Vaemond, who was embodied by the actor Wil Johnson, was to plead before Queen Alicent and the Hand of King Ser Otto Hightower, who arranged Driftmark Legacy Petition.

Ser Vaemond Velaryon
Ser Vaemond Velaryon

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Alas, much to the dismay of the Hightowers, King Viserys brought the proceedings to an abrupt end in style despite his failing health. He heads for the Iron Throne and tries to bring things to their proper conclusion. Viserys’ decision was already made. Rhaenyra has already been recognized as his heir. Without a doubt, his offspring will inherit Driftmark. Therefore, the island would pass through Ser Laenor Velaryon to Lucerys Velaryon, as claimed by Princess Rhaenys.

However, Vaemond rose to oppose Viserys’ decree. What happens then constitutes what could be considered the biggest blunder ever committed. He challenged the king’s decisions and ended up calling the children of Rhaenyra “bastards”. To make things even better, he called the princess herself a “w-re.”

Wrong move, Vaemond.

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon.
Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in Dragon House

King Viserys exclaims, “I’ll have his tongue for that!” Before he can do that, something else happens instead. In the next sequence, with a bizarre change of tone, we see Daemon Targaryen sever Vaemond’s head with a clean blow. The scene is visually structured in such a way that it adds to the punchline which is then delivered by Matt Smith’s character, “He can keep his tongue.”

Upon viewing this particular scene, fans of the franchise rushed to meme it and compared it to an actual incident that we are all aware of.

Matt Smith’s scene is compared to The Oscars Slap

Demon and Rhaenyra
Demon and Rhaenyra

This episode, titled ‘The Lord of the Tides’, memorable in more ways than one. However, fans were particularly captivated by the beheading scene that occurred between Matt Smith and Wil Johnson’s characters. People took to Twitter and claimed how the scene fits the vibes of the 2022 Oscars controversy which involved Will Smith and Chris Rock. In a “Keep-my-wife’s-name-out-of-your-mouth” fashion, Daemon Targaryen cut off Vaemond’s head.

While the action might have been more drastic than a slap in the face, it was certainly entertaining.

Check out the fan reactions:

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While memes and comparisons make others laugh, it takes a moment to recognize Matt Smith’s innate talent. His portrayal of Daemon Targaryen has been sharp, clean, and solid from the start. Although he only has a few lines in this episode, he excels in body language. His non-verbal acting techniques have impressed fans time and time again.

It would be interesting to see what the future holds for her character on the show. With just two more episodes, one can only anticipate greatness.

Dragon House is available to stream on HBO and HBO Max, with the next episode slated for release on October 16, 2022.

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