‘Henry Cavill Won’t Be Josstice League Superman’: Black Adam Fans Defend Director Jaume Collet-Serra Against Zack Snyder Fans Fearing Watered Down Superman

black adam recently made headlines in the industry, which would have marked the start of a new era for the DC Extended Universe. Especially after Henry Cavill’s Superman is part of the movie, fans can’t hold back their excitement.

Dwayne Johnson FandomMovies
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

However, along with the excitement, many speculations and theories also arise. Fans are wondering if the Superman would be back in black adam, is by Zack Snyder Justice League, or Joss Whedon’s Josstice League, especially after a supposed Henry Cavill look in black adam was revealed to have similarities to Whedon’s Superman.

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Worried about Superman’s return from the ‘Josstice’ league black adam

American filmmaker, composer and comic book writer Joss Whedon, who worked with Nathan Fillion.
Filmmaker Joss Whedon.

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In 2017, when director Zack Snyder left Justice League halfway through due to the unfortunate passing of his daughter, Joss Whedon was given the task of completing the film. However, the film was criticized for being far too light in the second half compared to the first. This dislike of Joss Whedon’s Superman has recently surrounded Black Adam.

When well-known industry scooper MyTimeToShineHello leaked that Henry Cavill’s Superman costume looked a lot like the one he wore Justice League, fans had none of that. Fans voiced their extreme opinions, bringing down Black Adam. For this reason, a number of Twitter users have commented on how Zack Snyder fans are ruining the positivity and excitement around Black Adam.

Twitter users said Superman is still Superman, even though he’s not being directed by Zack Snyder. They also pointed out that black adam is his own film focusing on the superhero of the same name and that it is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and not Joss Whedon. Users say that if people don’t want to watch the movie, they can just choose not to, and there’s no point disrespecting the director.

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East black adam part of SnyderVerse?

Zack Snyder FandomMovies
Director Zack Snyder

In an interview with Tyrone Magnus, Zack Snyder commented on the possibility of black adam part of his SnyderVerse. Even though the interview took place about a year ago, the statement still holds true today.

Yeah, I mean, I think he could fit into the world, so that’s interesting. In the Flash movie, you’re going to see my Batman, and… I don’t know.

However, with Dwayne Johnson claiming that black adam is a “new era for DC movies,” it’s entirely possible that the film will focus on its own story, instead of relying on other previous films. Upcoming DCEU movies are leaning more towards telling their own in-universe stories.

Whether black adam is part of SnyderVerse or not is neither confirmed nor denied. However, black adam fans think moviegoers just want to have a good time at the theater and not worry about what’s going on behind the curtain. They expect that Zack Snyder fans will not judge or criticize the film before its release and that everyone working on the project will be respected, including the cast and directors.

black adam is set to hit theaters on October 21, 2022.

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