‘I think it’s just misplaced love’: Matt Smith reveals frustration with House of the Dragon script while filming scenes with King Viserys actor Paddy Considine

Paddy Considine and Matt Smith discuss the “Extremely difficult relationship” between their characters Viserys and Daemon in Dragon House. Dragon House is a Gthrones name spin-off that follows the struggles of House Targaryen two centuries before the death of the Mad King.

Dragon House
Dragon House

In the series, Considine plays Viserys Targaryen, opposite Matt Smith as his brother Daemon Targaryen. Ryan J. Condal and original series creator George RR Martin collaborated on House of the Dragon.

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Daemon and Viserys Targaryen’s Complicated Relationship

Considine now highlights one of House of the Dragon’s most controversial relationships, that of King Viserys and Prince Daemon. The Peaky Blinders the actor describes his roles and those of Smith as “completely opposed” in a recent interview, he goes on to detail the debate over Daemon’s role as heir to the Iron Throne in House of the Dragon.

Demon Rhaenyra House of the Dragon
Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen and Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen

The Viserys actor goes on to say that “They are complete opposites. I think Daemon has that destroyer gene that the Targaryens have. I think Daemon needs approval more than [he] seeks to be king. He says,

“Viserys constantly makes excuses for Daemon and defends Daemon. And he said to him: “I am your only ally. You don’t show up for council. There is a seat but you never show up. I’m your only ally in this room. And you betrayed me with those words. Viserys is deeply hurt by Daemon. It’s a very difficult relationship. »

This was encountered by Matt Smithwhere he agrees with Considine on Prince Daemon’s lesser ambition for the throne and more affection for his brother, the King of the Iron Throne. The Morbius the actor further states that,

“I think that he is[Daemon] just really frustrated with his brother. He wants to shake him and say ‘Wake up! I love you more than everyone, I love you more than everyone.'”

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Considine’s explanation of the two characters is based on the notion of internal and external struggle. On some level, Daemon and Viserys seem to be full of paradoxes. Daemon wants the king’s power but not the throne, preferring to stay with his brother, while Viserys is “deeply wounded by Daemon” but wants him to be happy. These internal problems, in turn, fuel their external conflict, which leads to the breakup of the couple. “Very difficult relationship”

Daemon Targaryen’s future in House of the Dragon

Spoilers ahead!!

Daemon, though partly rehabilitated by his marriage to Rhaenyra’s pragmatic ultimate, retains a viciousness to be feared. Daemon neutralizes Vaemond Velaryon’s head in two Dragon House season 1, episode 8 for publicly doubting the authenticity of Rhaenyra’s children from her first marriage.

Aemond House of the Dragon
Ewan Mitchell as Aemond Targaryen

Daemon is the rider and owner of a duty-bound dragon, and he personally raises more dragon eggs from the dragon Syrax of Rhaenyra, which may provide useful weaponry in the impending Targaryen civil war. The promotion for Dragon House Episode 9 shows King’s Landing breaking up amid Viserys’ absence.

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With the completion of King Viserys and Daemon’s brotherly arc, the Dragon House is officially set for the dragon dance. Dragon House is streaming on HBO Max.

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