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‘I’m fine…I’M FIIIIIIINE’: Friends star David Schwimmer left shocked after Mark Ruffalo reveals he hasn’t watched the show yet


Friends, a popular 90s sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, is nothing short of legendary. The audience impact the show had was immense and profound, and can be felt to this day. The reach of the series was (and still is) so widespread that you could walk up to someone and they would easily understand any reference you threw at them. Lines like “How are you doing’?” and “I’m fine. Absolutely fine. have become part of everyday lingo involving pop culture expressions.

David Schwimmer as Friends of Ross Geller
David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

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To say that a show as successful as Friends hasn’t been seen by anyone is almost unfathomable. However, it looks like one of Hollywood’s top talents falls into the category of people who haven’t watched the prestigious sitcom yet. While Mark Ruffalo was chatting with Graham Norton on his show, a shocking revelation came to light that might be enough to stun fans of the prominent MCU actor.

MCU Superstar Mark Ruffalo Hasn’t Watched His Friends

David Schwimmer was shocked to know Mark Ruffalo's secret
David Schwimmer was shocked by Mark Ruffalo

Last year, David Schwimmer made his first appearance on The Graham Norton Show. He was joined by shutter island Mark Ruffalo, comedian and writer Nick Mohammed, and Episodes starring Tamsin Greig. Norton pointed out that the Friends star, who we saw portraying Ross Geller throughout the series, had never been on the talk show before. To this, Schwimmer replied humorously, “Thank you for never inviting me.”

Norton expressed his gratitude for the Intelligence actor’s presence. He then redirected Schwimmer’s attention to Mark Ruffalo. As the show host claimed, Ruffalo happens to be a “Unicorn.” The MCU legend was then asked to share an interesting fact about himself. Seemingly distraught, Ruffalo replied, “I’m from Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

Mark Ruffalo Fandom Wire
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner

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Taking matters into his own hands, Norton then revealed another fact about the 13 Ongoing 30 alum who caused an uproar in the audience – who let out gasps of shock in unison, in true traditional Sitcom style. David Schwimmer, who sat next to Ruffalo, faked a fake infraction. In reality, the situation was as amusing for him as it was for the rest of the audience.

To further elaborate on such a baffling revelation, Ruffalo defended his case and said:

“I’ve seen…many…parts of it. It’s not— no, no, it’s not you! [David Schwimmer]it’s me.”

Schwimmer, unknowingly or knowingly, made a vague callback to one of his lines in the 90s sitcom and claimed, “That’s absolutely fine!” Norton then pointed out that not watching Friends is a rare, generally unknown event. Ruffalo agreed, saying he must be the only one in attendance who hasn’t had a chance to watch the Emmy-winning comedy series yet.

Friends (1994-2004)

The show’s other guests also played on the joke, adding their own hilarious treats. The wearer alum assured them that he would send them all a DVD set of Friends, which seemed like a good deal.

Friends star David Schwimmer was totally (not) fine

Graham Norton, in a later segment, mentioned that the sitcom influence is still going strong; it’s almost as if the David Schwimmer star is still on the air. While many people yearn for a return of the show from the late 90s to the early 2000s, the host claimed he didn’t need one, because Friends will continue to rule the hearts of the masses year after year.

David Schwimmer mocks Mark Ruffalo
David Schwimmer mocked Mark Ruffalo

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Mocking Ruffalo, Schwimmer attested that the phenomenon is very similar to “to be a superhero.” On a more heartfelt note, the sitcom legend said the entire cast of Friends was thrilled to realize the show still had an audience. Young people even today are actively enjoying the premise and people who have watched it before come back to it again and again.

The MCU star, cutting the floor, said his daughter was one of those young people watching the show. To this, Schwimmer had the most hilarious response, which proved he was definitely, totally (not) fine after Ruffalo’s reveal:

“You might think it’s a father-daughter activity! Anybody !”

The whole interaction drew a chorus of laughter from the audience as amused as David Schwimmer.

Obviously he wouldn’t let go of this anytime soon. Either way, we can only hope that Mark Ruffalo has taken to watching the ever-popular historical Friends. Check this in the bucket list.

All episodes of Friends are available to stream on HBOMax.

Source: The Graham Norton Show

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