‘It’s Funny Because He Kills In The Comics’: Latest Black Adam Teaser Reveals Hawkman’s No-Elimination Policy, Fans Say They’re Diverting From The Comics

The new DCEU black adam the trailer shows a bit more dialogue although it doesn’t undercut the spectacle of the action. Featuring a slew of new and powerful DC Comics characters, the upcoming film rarely gives way to speculation about how well it will deliver. Fans, for now, rely on the red notice the star’s ability to deliver box office hits, but with his spirited entry into DC, it looks like he’ll be doing more than delivering cinema – The Rock plans to reclaim the DC hierarchy itself.

Black Adam Brings High Level Action Back To The DCEU
black adam brings high-level action back to the DCEU

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black adam‘s Hawkman Raises Questions About Morality

In the DCEU movie, black adam, Dwayne Johnson portrays Teth Adam who, after gaining the powers of the Old Gods, abuses them for revenge and is consequently imprisoned for 5,000 years, becoming Black Adam. The film introduces The Rock’s character in the current timeline, where reality does little to ground him, instead it reassures him of how weak the “magic” of this world is. i.e. ammunition.

Black Adam Presents Crazy SnyderVerse Like Cinematography
black adam features crazy SnyderVerse-like cinematography

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The Justice League of America is also introduced to the DC Extended Universe, including Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, and Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher – three incredibly famous heroes from DC’s vast comics. However, after the latest trailer for Johnson’s film aired, doubts have been building among fans over DC’s attempt to pull a Marvel by dumping the source material and straying from its original comic arc, by particular in its depiction of Hawkman.

The DC, if anything, has remained largely true to its comic origins. But Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman in Black Adam, which marks the cinematic debut of the comic book hero, resounds in his intentions not to kill. This could be a problem for the fandom since the character in all of his confusing comic reboots had one thing constant – his disregard for murder. The reluctant tone with which the filmic Hawkman asks (or rather orders) Black Adam to stop killing goes directly against his character depicted in the comics and raises serious questions about how or why the newly emerged morality is such a defining factor for the character now.

Black Adam vs. Hawkman
Black Adam vs. Hawkman

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Fans Respond to Hawkman’s ‘Stop Killing’ Comment

The crowd, growing impatient in its expectation, came to examine the minute-by-minute progress of black adamarrival at the cinema. Dwayne Johnson kept the crowd frenzy at bay by feeding fans enough speculation to build anticipation about the movie and its aftermath. However, when it came to his DCEU debut, one factor managed to catch the public’s eye, and that was Hawman’s “no-elimination policy” – which gave fans enough to think about.

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It’s not news that black adam attempts to rewrite DCEU history and eclipse the build differences and multiple controversies within Warner Bros. If successful, the dominance it will establish in the years to come will be heralded as the second coming of the DC Extended Universe and will establish itself as the foundation for the new and clearer path to help realize the future vision. by David Zaslav.

black adam premieres in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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