The latest episode of House of the Dragon poignantly depicts a heartfelt scene between Paddy Considine and Matt Smith that was actually an accident

Episode 8, titled The Lord of the Tides from the amazing HBO show Dragon House is here and boy if it wasn’t a roller coaster of emotions. As we’ve seen how the creators of this show try to get us to the inciting incident of it all, the first season is coming to an end with more and more twists, new character developments, and plenty of defining moments that could reflect direction. the show goes into the final two episodes.

One of the episode’s most powerful scenes that we saw was when Rhaenyra and her uncle-husband Daemon (Matt Smith) came to King’s Landing to plead their case. Their arrival gives King Viserys the same emotional jolt he needs to get Grandpa Joe out of bed and back into the proverbial chocolate factory known as Red Keep. In the scene where King Visery’s crown fell from his head and Daemon steps forward to place it on his brother’s head, the whole heartfelt moment was actually not scripted at all, as revealed. Weekly entertainment.

Viserys Targaryen
Viserys Targaryen

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The accidental fall of King Viserys’ crown

When King Viserys’ crown falls as he hobbles down the stairs to his chair, Daemon steps forward to help his brother take the final steps, then gently places the ornament on his head. This whole season 8 scene was actually not supposed to happen. This powerful moment between the brothers was too pure for House of the Dragon’s directing team to retain in the final cut. The strong bond between the brothers was truly fantastic, acting by both actors Paddy Considine and Matt Smith.

Daemon helps Viserys
Daemon helps Viserys

Even though Viserys looks like eight kinds of fried dead, he immediately clarifies his thoughts: why is everyone bickering over an already settled estate? Then he calls Rhaenys to speak, where she announces Rhaenyra’s wedding plan for her boys with Daemon’s daughters with the late Laena Velaryon.

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The scene where Daemon kills Vaemond Velaryon

How not to mention the part where Daemon defends Rhaenyra and her children and cuts Vaemond’s head from his body? After hearing Rhaenyra’s speech, Vaemond couldn’t stand still as he stated that Rhaenyra “Children are BASTARDS!” And she is a whore”, thus falling into Daemon’s villainous trap to meet his swift demise.

Vaemond Velaryon
Vaemond Velaryon

Viserys staggers to his feet, drawing his dagger. “I’ll have your tongue for that” he says. But then, suddenly, Vaemond lost the top half of his face…because Daemon used his sword to slice the northern third of his skull from behind. “He knows how to keep his tongue” said the prince. Despite death, discord, and beheading, they all continue to eat the dinner they all gathered for.

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Dragon House Episode 9 Trailer Teases Violent Penultimate Chapter

The trailer opens with the Iron Throne under pale moonlight and Otto says: “The king is dead.” Otto and the Small Council will decide who will sit on the Iron Throne. In the trailer, Larys Strong also mysteriously says: “I found out something you should know” before the trailer cut a young child with silver hair.

Dragon House
The main cast of House of the Dragon

As Aemond wanders around in chaos in a hooded cloak, we see Criston Cole raise his sword at Harrold Westerling, with Lord Beesbury warning that what they are doing is “betrayal, at least”, and two figures chasing Aegon II. It ends with a shot of a crown – not Viserys’s, but Aegon the Conqueror’s, suggesting we’ll see Aegon II crowned by the end of Episode 9.

dragon house episode 9 will be available to watch on October 16 on HBO and HBO Max.

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