The Naked Truth About Claire Abbott’s Disappearance: Where Is She Now?

Who is Claire Abbott?

Claire Abbott was born on January 22, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is a former YouTube and Instagram personality, best known for rising to fame online during her teenage years, primarily after posting several photos of herself in bikini. She is also known for her sudden disappearance from the online world without any explanation.

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Claire Abbott’s net worth

As of early 2020, Claire Abbott’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful social media career. At the height of her fame, she earned advertising revenue from the many subscribers she had on YouTube.

She was also gaining online opportunities on Instagram, in the form of sponsored posts, etc. However, since her inactivity, her income has stagnated and it is unclear whether she will continue to build on her initial wealth.

Youth and online beginnings

Claire grew up in Toronto and, at a very young age, aspired to become a singer. As a child, she started writing songs and poems which she continued growing up. In high school, she was often seen in sporting events, as she was a cheerleader for her school.

While she lived relatively far from the spotlight for most of her youth, things changed in 2012 when she started posting photos to her Instagram account.

Several of the photos were of herself in a bikini, and she quickly gained a significant following thanks to her attractive appearance. She used this initial fame as a platform to launch an online music career, creating a YouTube channel on which she posted covers. She has also published some of her original poems and some of her musical creations.

Rise to Glory

During the same year, Abbott made a video for one of his original songs called “Fighter”, which garnered hundreds of thousands of views on the platform. Many people complimented her singing voice, as well as her beauty.

She began to increase her influence, creating accounts on Twitter and Facebook to gain more followers. As she continued uploads, she gained a steady following. Eventually, she expanded her content and also started posting various fashion articles, making fashion videos and beauty tips. Her Instagram has reached over 500,000 followers, one of the reasons for her success being her constant posting.

At the height of her online career, she was featured in “Maxim” magazine, which gave her channel and Instagram much more exposure, as it was shared thousands of times.

Then things changed as, without any warning, she started deleting her videos on her YouTube channel and then deactivated all her social media accounts, deleting most of her photos. Only her Facebook fan page remained, and it remained inactive for a few years. Due to a lack of information, many of his fans speculated about his disappearance.


One of the most popular stories regarding her disappearance was that Claire didn’t like the fact that she was becoming popular just because of her looks and wanted people to appreciate her musical abilities more.

Claire Abbott

She wanted people to take her seriously and was frustrated when all they asked for were pictures of her. Others said some nude photos of her had surfaced online, so she deleted all of her accounts out of embarrassment. There was also an occasion when she posted a photo of herself hanging out with social media star Dan Bilzerian.

Dan rose to fame online by showcasing his luxurious lifestyle, which often consisted of tropical vacations, luxury cars, luxury yachts and beautiful models. He is known to be very liberal with displaying his wealth, earning a lot of money through poker success.

He had also grown up in a wealthy family, since his father worked on Wall Street. He was named “Instagram Playboy”, and it was speculated that Claire’s association with him could have attracted many online bullies as well as trolls who wanted to cut her out of her friendship with the celebrity.

Mental health issues and resurgence

The most likely cause of Abbott’s demise is his struggle with mental health issues. While very active online, she posted a photo of herself in a hospital, stating that she had just undergone treatment, as she suffered from severe depression and an anxiety disorder.

This photo was taken in October 2013 at Sunnybrook Hospital. I had recently been diagnosed with major depression…

Posted by Claire Abbott on Wednesday January 27th, 2016

Doctors also told her she was borderline bipolar, which meant she could have extreme mood swings. She had been dealing with the problem for a year before her disappearance.

In 2019, she returned to Instagram and started posting photos again. She had become much slimmer and showed a body that had been trained frequently in the gym. She stated that she is now a model and is back on the internet, no longer depressed and happy. Although she does not post as often as before, she seems to have overcome the problem of her association with Bilzerian whom she calls a friend.

She posted a photo of them together, along with other photos often revealing her fit body and some of her assets. She has yet to regain the popularity she once had, as she only has over 5,000 subscribers on the site. Some people don’t believe it’s his account because the way this new account posts isn’t similar to his old accounts. It was more like a fan posting on the site and using their previous fame to get attention.

Private life

Claire had a romantic relationship with Dan Bilzerian, although she repeated that she was only friends with him. Dan isn’t known for having long-term relationships or devoted partners, as shown by his online lifestyle. She enjoys sports and music, spending most of her time trying to develop her musical skills.

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