Annette Jones, Tony Jones Channel 9 Wife Age, Children and Family

Tony Jones, Australian sports journalist and Channel 9 presenter, resides in Melbourne with his wife Annette and their two children, Mitchell and Lauren.

Australian sports commentator Tony Jones has been candid about his difficult life, which included the tragic death of his sister at the age of 20.

Jones is well known for his lighter side as a regular on the AFL’s Sunday Footy Show and a longtime sports presenter for Channel 9.

Weeknights on Nine News in Melbourne, famed Australian journalist Tony Jones delivers sports. Additionally, it hosts network coverage of the Australian Open. Cambridge Park was his high school.

Australian sports journalist and presenter Tony Jones

Australian sports journalist and presenter Tony Jones

Quick Facts About Tony Jones

Last name Tony Jones
Date of Birth October 1, 1961
Age 61 years old
Place of birth Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Sports journalist
Spouse Annette Jones
Children 2

Who is Annette Jones, wife of Tony Jones Channel 9?

Annette Jones, the wife of Channel 9’s Tony Jones, is well known. Tony Jones is an Australian sports journalist who works in Melbourne.

Jones currently hosts sports on Nine News Melbourne on weeknights. It also hosts network coverage of the Australian Open.

The couple have been married for a long time, but Tony enjoys privacy as he is a writer, which is why the media rarely talks about his wife and children.

As a result, we believe that the family as a whole – couple, children and all – leads a happy existence. Veteran broadcaster Tony Jones has spoken openly about his difficult upbringing, tragic family history and difficult start to life.

The children of Annette and Tony Jones

The parents of two children are a married couple named Tony and Annette. They are satisfied with the way they brought up their children. Mitchell and Lauren Tony, members of the Tony family, currently live in Melbourne.

Their children may already be in school. We can be sure that their children will follow in their father’s footsteps and one day make them proud because they are the offspring of such a well-known journalist. Their Australian-born children were also born and raised there.

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Annette Jones Husband Tony Jones Journalism Career

Jones attended radio school before starting his career in radio newsrooms in rural Victoria and 3AW in Melbourne. When he joined the Nine Network in May 1986, he moved from news reporting to sports coverage.

In 1990, Jones shifted its focus from providing weekend sports updates to providing daily sports coverage. He also replaces Peter Hitchener as presenter of Nine News Melbourne.

In his professional life, Jones is best known for his work with the Nine Network in Australia, where from 2006 to 2008 he covered sport for Nine News and from then until his return in 2017 he hosted The Sunday Footy Show.

He is the sports commentator of the week for Nine News Melbourne. He took part in the network’s coverage of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Jones covered the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver in February as a reporter for the Nine Network. On May 5, 2011, he celebrated his 25th birthday with the Nine Network.

His journey of nine stories

In 2013, Jones invited Rebecca Judd to “come over for a barbecue” on a live show. Judd simply said, “No, thank you.” It was widely distributed.

In 2016, Jones attempted to kiss Rebecca Judd on the cheek live before she went on maternity leave. He was notably rejected by Judd.

The original video of the incident also went viral and amassed over a million views on YouTube.

Judd held no resentment towards Jones despite their unpleasant interactions; in fact, he even kissed her on the 2018 Brownlow Medal red carpet.

He dislikes the name “Chompers”, or any of its many variations, which refers to his teeth being bleached for cosmetic reasons.

Tony Jones served the Nine Network for 30 years from 2016. He began hosting The Sunday Footy Show in 2017. In February 2018, he traveled to South Korea to cover the 23rd Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Channel Nine’s Tony Jones reveals the secret trainer keeping him on edge

According to, Tony Jones has developed the ability to take criticism throughout his career, which he started at Wangaratta behind a local microphone before landing jobs at 3AW and Nine.

This year, among other commitments, he has agreed to headline the Sunday Footy Show, run the evening news sports segment and frequently fill Neil Mitchell’s morning talk show.

Due to an intolerable schedule, he decided to quit the Today breakfast show last month.

John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Jelena Dokic, Rebecca Maddern, James Bracey and more tennis legends will join him in taking over Nine’s coverage of the Australian Open in January.

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Tony Jones Family History

When Tony Jones was two years old, his father abandoned the family, leaving his mother to care for the four children alone. Then a single mother raised him.

He has struggled with life since he was a small child. He has three siblings, which is a blessing. When he was a little boy, his sister died tragically. He also spoke about the incident that resulted in his sister’s death.

Tony has currently made his mother happy by pursuing and achieving such a prestigious career as a sports journalist.

Many citizens of the country are familiar with Tony Jones, a well-known Channel 9 sportscaster who appears on camera. He was the host of the Sunday Footy Show for years and he provided countless laughs in the lounges.

Tony Jones opens up about the traumatic events of his childhood

Tony Jones, a TV broadcaster, has spoken openly about his journey and the scary incidents he went through as a young child. But Jones opened up about the terrible things he went through as a young boy in a candid interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

According to, Jones revealed he rarely saw his father, his sister died aged 20 due to a drunk driver and as a child he had to do dealing with his mother’s abusive relationship.

He admitted that it was “difficult to start” by talking about his private life. “I’m happy to go; I understand how my mom feels, but she’s had it worse than me.

What happened to his sister?

The four of us were largely raised by Toney’s mother alone. My sister lost a child at the age of 20 when she was killed by a drunk driver.

For that reason, even though I only have one drink on a Saturday night, I’m extremely excited about it and really worried about getting in your car the next morning, he said.

Jones vividly remembers the night his mother informed him of the tragic news that his sister had died over the phone at two in the morning. Jones said he expressed regret over Robyn’s passing.

“When I got back to Melbourne, I still remember picking up The Herald from the airport, reading it on the front page and thinking, ‘Oh, that’s right.’ That was it. a very long time ago, and I don’t know how my mother did it.

Tony Jones has two children and a devoted wife named Annette.

Tony Jones has two children and a devoted wife named Annette.

Some FAQs

Who is Tony Jones’ wife?

Melbourne resident Annette Jones is the wife of Tony Jones.

How many children has Tony Jones?

Two children belong to Tony Jones.

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