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Camille Hyde was born and raised in Washington, District of Columbia, and began her career when she was just 4 years old. His role as Shelby Watkins, the Pink Dino Charge Ranger, on Power Rangers Dino Charge earned him considerable fame.

She’s been his co-star on a number of films over the years, which has led to his huge popularity. We will see her in All American: Homecoming as Thea Mays (2022).

The first episode of the series will air on The CW Monday night as scheduled. The story centers on Simone, an aspiring tennis player from Beverly Hills.

After being absent from court for some time, she attempted to regain her position through legal means. Therefore, Damon, a world-class baseball player from Chicago, carries the burden of the whole world on his shoulders.

In the series, you will be able to see how Thea’s adventure develops from start to finish. In the meantime, here are a few things about the actress and her life you need to know that take place away from the camera.

Camille Hyde

Camille Hyde

Fast facts

Full name Camille Hyde
Age 29 years
Date of Birth November 11, 1993
Live in Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Actress
active years 2012–present
instagram Yes

Camille Hyde Wikipedia Bio: Her Age and Height

29-year-old Camille Hyde does not currently have a Wikipedia page under her name. On the other hand, his biography is available on other websites besides his IMDb profile. The actress has a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is equivalent to 168 centimeters.

Hyde was born to her mother and father on November 11, 1993 in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America. She started her professional career at the age of four and continued to perform and sing throughout her youth.

On top of that, she was given the role of Shelby, the Pink Ranger, in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge. Besides that, she plays Roxy, a recurring character in The Thundermans, where she is a cast member.

Roxy is a student at Hiddenville High School and her best friend Maddy is almost always by her side when they hang out. The third season episode “Kiss Me, Nate” was the first time she was seen on the show.

Other than that, Hyde has been involved in a wide variety of other projects over the course of his career.

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Shows and roles of Camille Hyde

Movies/TV shows The roles
2 broke girls Rabbit
Power Rangers Dino Charge Shelby Watkins
Lab Rats: Elite Force Naomi Davenport
The Thundermans Roxy
Sunnyville Heights (short) Victoria
talk to me (short) teenage brittany
Killer kids Killer kids

Inside the Camille Hyde Family

Camille Hyde and her family made Washington, District of Columbia their home throughout Camille’s childhood. The Hyde family has always been very supportive of Hyde in his professional endeavors.

Even though they were seen in public with Hyde, they managed to hide their true identity in this way. His other siblings have kept a low profile, but one of his brothers serves in the United States Marine Corps.

The only member of her family to seek employment in the entertainment industry, she is a pioneer in her field. She served as president of the equestrian club at Chapman University, where she eventually graduated.

Before beginning her acting career, Hyde earned her undergraduate degree in environmental ecology.

5 Fast Facts About Camille Hyde

The decision Camille’s mother made to enroll her daughter in acting classes and provide her with the necessary training sparked Camille’s passion for singing and acting.

She is the first actress to portray a Power Ranger born after the show’s initial airing in August 1993, making it the first of its kind in franchise history.

Besides acting, she is interested in a variety of other things, such as horseback riding, traveling around the world, cooking, and music.

Camille masters the piano as well as various dance styles including hip hop, contemporary, pop and jazz.

In Power Rangers Beast Morphers, she did not reprise her role as Shelby Watkins; however, she ended up lending her voice to the character.

More information can be found on the Power Rangers wiki about Michael Beran, including five interesting facts about Tandi Wright’s husband.

Camille Hyde with her boyfriend Connor Jean

Camille Hyde with her boyfriend Connor Jean

Meet Camille Hyde Boyfriend: Her Instagram

As of the year 2022, Camille Hyde is currently dating Connor Jean who is a basketball coach and writer. According to a post they posted on Instagram on April 10, 2018, the couple have officially started dating.

They have already formalized their relationship on Instagram and frequently upload photos of each other to their separate accounts. Along the same lines, they also exchange endearing messages that are dedicated to each other.

Since she was over seven years old, Jean has been teaching and supervising children. He had worked at Excel Basketball Camp, which is widely regarded as one of the best basketball camps in the United States.

In addition to that, he previously worked as the head coach of the varsity junior team at Harvard Westlake, which is located in Studio City. In 2015, when she was still relatively unknown in the industry, she had a romantic relationship with Brennan Mejia. It was before she met Jean.

Before splitting in 2016, the exes dated for a total of twelve months.

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Who is All American Homecoming actress Camille Hyde?

1 meter and 6 centimeters tall Camille Hyde, an actress, is experiencing a stardom boom as a direct result of her involvement in the “All American: Homecoming” series created by Eric Dean Seaton.

Alongside Geffri Maya, Kareem Lewis, Mitchell Edwards, Peyton Alex Smith and Netta Walker, director Michael Schultz and Eric Dean Seaton cast her as Thea Mays in this sports drama series. The series was created by Michael Schultz and Eric Dean Seaton.
Camille starred as Thea Mays on ‘All American’, Alexandra Cabot on ‘Riverdale’ and Ashley on ‘Immoral Compass’ before becoming a cast member on ‘Homecoming’.

Between the years of 2015 and 2016, she starred in the hit children’s TV show “Power Rangers Dino Charge”, which catapulted her to widespread fame among teenagers and young adults. She is the first African-American woman of any race to ever play the character of a ranger in a media production.

On the one hand, she is once again in the spotlight for her role as Thea Mays; on the other hand, we all hope to see her in the role of Camille in the Béatrice Brigitte drama film this year, as the film is currently in post-production.

Family and childhood

Camille Hyde, an accomplished actress who resides in Washington, District of Columbia, was born on November 11, 1993. She is currently 28 years old.

Hyde’s mother and father have been there for her throughout her life, and they are the ones who encouraged and supported her desire to pursue an acting career. The identity of his parents has not yet been made public, but photos of them can be found on the Internet.

We were only able to uncover information about his brother, who serves in the United States Marine Corps. However, there are rumors that she has more than one sibling.

While graduating from Chapman University, she served as president of the equestrian club, which not many people know about.

Family and childhood

This Hollywood actress has a very busy private life, and as of this year (2022), she is currently in a relationship with Connor Jean, who is a basketball coach and writer.

Since April 10, 2018, the gorgeous couple have been in a committed relationship for several years (according to an Instagram post).

Connor Jean, Camille Hyde’s boyfriend, also has a huge fan base, with over 20,000 people following him on his numerous social media profiles. He is sought after for advice and guidance by a large number of people, especially future basketball players.

It was said that she dated Brennan Mejia in 2015 when she was still a struggling actress. These same sources claim that their relationship lasted an entire year, until 2016.

Social life and boyfriend

Incredibly, Camille Hyde started her acting career at the age of four, when she took part in a school musical.

Her mother, recognizing her daughter’s love for music and acting, made the decision to enroll her in acting classes to provide her with the proper training. As a result, Hyde began attending the acting school closest to her home.

Her interest in acting led her to move to Los Angeles when she was a young adult, and it was there in 2012 that she played her first role, that of Makia Coney, in the television series “Killer Kids”. .

In 2015, she had the opportunity to play the role of Pink Ranger in the Nickelodeon production of the popular children’s television series “Power Rangers Dino Charge” after receiving an offer to do so from the production company Nickelodean.

Following the resounding success of Hyde’s very first show, she was invited to appear as a guest on a variety of other programs, including “Teens Wanna Know” and “Noches con Platanito”.

Career and net worth

From 2016 to 2018, she pursued an active acting career, appearing in a variety of TV episodes like “The Thundermans”, “Lab Rats: Elite Force”, “2 Broke Girls”, “American Vandal” and “Suits “, including the others.

In 2020, Camille had a second opportunity to participate in the Power Ranger franchise, this time in the TV show “Power Rangers Beast Morphers” and in the role of Shelby Watkins.

In addition to her acting work, Camille Hyde has also modeled for music videos and songs. In 2018, she was featured in Justin Jesso’s music video for the song “My Body”, and in 2019 she participated in another music video titled “I Know”.

This stunning actress appeared in more than 15 television series during her decade-long professional career, which likely contributed to her estimated net worth of $1-1.5 million.

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