‘I have four words for Marvel – Fuck you, call Robert’: Robert Downey Jr nearly quit $50m Iron Man role over huge pay gap, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson defend

The MCU owes Robert Downey Jr much of the popularity it has gained over the years. The actor not only appropriated the role of Iron Man, but also became the face of the studio. But surprisingly, Marvel could have lost its biggest asset in a long time over a pay disparity issue. Apparently, this issue could have completely changed the MCU as many actors were more than ready to jump off the bandwagon if Robert Downey Jr didn’t stand up for them.

Robert Downey Jr is making an incredible comeback in Hollywood
Robert Downey Jr.

It’s not unknown to anyone who follows the MCU that the sherlock holmes star received a significantly higher salary than the other cast members. This was deemed unfair even by the star herself who defended her colleagues against the studio.

Unfair treatment of its actors by Marvel

The Thunder in the tropics The actor has always been considered a “big brother” and a “leader” by his fellow cast members. This encouraged Robert Downey Jr to even consider leaving the studio in case they didn’t meet his cast mates’ request.

Chris Evans and RDJ
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

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The whole incident resurfaced in 2013. Deadline reported that while Robert Downey Jr received a colossal figure of $50 million, some of the other Avengers members couldn’t make more than $200,000.

“Some people only got $200,000 for Avengers and Downey got paid $50 million. What planet are you on?” – An insider told Deadline

Other serious allegations came on the studio. Various reports have claimed that MCU bosses threatened the actors that they could be sued or replaced if they broke their rules. Here, several of them even responded with “Go Ahead” showing their absolute disgust with the studio. Some of the actors who struggled were Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and even Scarlett Johansson.

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Robert Downey Jr saved the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios
Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios

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It must be recognized that if Robert Downey Jr had not intervened, then Marvel Studios could have been caught in the middle of a great controversy. The DoLittle The actor rose in such a way that the studio was required to increase cast members’ paychecks. According to reps, it was reported that Downey Jr was more than willing to step down from his role as Tony Stark at this time:

“He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. and b*lls of steel, too. He’s already texted that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat coworkers like shit.

Another reporter said:

“I have four words for Marvel – ‘Fuck you, call Robert. “”

It justifies why the actor is still one of the most failed characters in the Marvel Universe. Despite being a risky cast in the first place due to his troubled past, the actor has become a legend in the world of pop culture. The actors even received huge paychecks from their latest projects, while Robert Downey Jr ended his MCU reign by getting a giant $75 million from his latest. Avengers: Endgame.

Source: Deadline

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