Marvel halts filming on Blade after director quits, set to start filming in 2023 as Mahershala Ali frustrates with lame script

Since the appearance of Wesley Snipes in the previous Blade Trilogy In the early 2000s, people wanted another iteration of the half-deadly vampire-slaying badass monster hunter. And at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, we were finally honored to hear the news of a Blade movie in the works as Kevin Feige himself confirmed at the end of the Marvel panel. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for a release date or trailer to appear at any time.

Wesley Snipes as Blade in the original Blade (1998).
Wesley Snipes as Blade in the original Blade (1998).

Unfortunately, it seems like bad luck still tends to follow this feature project.

In a recent turn of events, the director is seen directing Blade, Bassam Tariq, leave the project. Because of this, Marvel Studios has suspended production on the entire film until they can find a new director to replace him and move it forward.

Why Blade Has been put on hold

Following her split from director Bassam Tariq two weeks ago, the studio is taking a break from the vampire adventure thriller which will star Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. Marvel is temporarily halting production-related activities in Atlanta, where the project was set to shoot from November, while they search for a filmmaker and develop it further.

Blade Reboot loses director Bassam Tariq
Bassam Tariq leaves production of The Blade Reboot

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Additionally, it looks like Mahershala Ali, the star who is cast as the titular protagonist in the Blade Reboot is apparently unhappy with how the storyline has evolved and how the film is progressing. He called the script “lackluster” and also expressed the lack of any flares in the project.

Also, in a recent tweet from The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider, he said that at this point he thinks Kevin Feige is too stretched to even take a look at the project after the MCU expansion, which is why production touches so many people. reverse.

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Why restart Blade?

Mahershala Ali plays the role of Blade
Mahershala Ali plays the role of Blade

Blade was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan for the years 1973 Dracula’s Tomb No. 10. He is a half-mortal, half-immortal who hunts vampires to avenge his mother, who was killed by a vampire while giving birth to him. Wesley Snipes previously played the character in a trilogy released in the early 2000s.

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Blade was one of Marvel Comics’ most well-known characters as he was one of the first heroes to have his own franchise, which was a rare situation for a character in the Marvel Universe. These types of big budget movies were mostly reserved for DC superheroes, namely Superman and Batman. So it’s no surprise that Feige wanted to bring this character back to life to pay homage to him and encompass the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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