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Net worth of Dave Turin (Gold Rush), Wife, Black Eye. Quits?


Gold mining isn’t always a lone wolf’s quest on a mission – in some cases it’s a heirloom and family business. Dave Turin is a civil engineer and businessman from a family of successful gold miners, and it wasn’t always clear that Dave would pursue this career as he was a football star during his college days. Dave first rose to fame when he was regularly consulted by the Hoffman family team during the first season of “Gold Rush”, a Discovery Channel show following the ups and downs of gold mining. gold.

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Early life and family

Dave Turin was born on April 21, 1959 in Sandy, Oregon, USA, to Jim Turin – his mother’s name is unknown. Dave is one of six children – three brothers and two sisters – who are primarily involved in the family business. Dave enjoyed the outdoors as a child and developed hunting and fishing skills. In high school, Dave was not only a good student, but also a star athlete on the football field. This isn’t necessarily surprising, as her father, Jim, was a local teacher and athletic trainer. Dave continued his football career in college and even played on the Oregon State team for a while before realizing his dreams lay elsewhere.


Although Dave is considered the most capable miner on the Hoffman team, he acquired most of his skills in the family quarry. Dave Turin attended Sandy Union High School and, building on the success of his high school career, including playing football, he studied at both Ohio State University and then the University of State of Portland, from where he obtained a degree in civil engineering.


family affair

Dave Turin joined his family career business immediately after graduating from college. The business was started in 1969, when the family helped a local acquire stone to pave a driveway.

David Torino

Originally called Jim Turin & Sons, the company was renamed Mt. Hood Rock Products in 1988, and Dave has been the vice president and co-owner of the company since its inception. Although he primarily focuses on his own work, he remains affiliated with the company and his brothers who run the business.

Discovery Channel

“Gold Rush”

The Discovery Channel caught wind of gold fever in 2010 and began filming a series that would follow young mining crews as they ventured into the world of gold mining. The show premiered on December 3, 2010 and has since evolved to track the activities of experienced crews and their risk-taking exploits.

During the first season, the show focused primarily on Todd Hoffman and his ragtag crew. Hoffman knew he lacked experience and so consulted his friend Dave Turin, who appeared regularly as a consultant throughout the first season, and when Todd offered him a permanent position with the team, he jumped on the occasion.

Dave Turin was the source of wisdom and experience for the crew, playing a vital role in the success of The Dakota Boys, and earned the nickname “Dozer Dave” for his prowess with the bulldozer. After a disastrous mining operation in Guyana before the fourth season, Dave switched alliances and began working with Freddy and Derek Dodge.

Dave eventually negotiated a 50% stake in the company if he returned to the Hoffman team, and for a time all was peaceful.

Did Dave Turin resign?

During season seven, Dave left the crew for a brief period after another unsuccessful operation, and returned at the end of the season to work on another operation. The season ended violently when Dave got into a fistfight with Trey Paulson. Dave explained that being family oriented, tension within the crew can build as the season progresses as they begin to miss home life and their families. Then the unthinkable happened – Dave Turin tendered his resignation. He leaves.

However, that wasn’t the end of Dave Turin, as he still had big dreams for gold mining and returned to a show of his own. “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” The show documents Dave’s power of travel and transformation, visiting dilapidated mines across the country and assessing the potential of each. He then decides which mines are worth his resources and energy, and resurrects them. He also returned to the main show.

Private life

Dave Turin is the kind of person who chases his dreams. This was certainly the case when he married Shelly, the girl he had fallen in love with in high school.

Shelly trained as a nurse but is currently unemployed, citing spousal support as a source of income. The two have three children, including Tony Turin, and all of them are married, and are therefore now grandparents. Dave is close to his children and grandchildren and often posts photos of him spending quality time with them, whether at Disneyland or on fishing trips.


Dave Turin is of average height, but he has an explosive personality. Dave has black hair which he wears short, but he also sports a beard that is starting to turn gray.

Dave has brown eyes and has aged incredibly well. Dave is considerably shorter than average at 4 feet 7 inches (1.47 m) and weighs 115 pounds (52 kg).

Net Worth and Salary

Gold mining can be a lucrative business, and that, coupled with the high pay Discovery Channel stars receive, means Dave is able to live in relative comfort. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to work hard for his money. Gold mining can be unpredictable, and sinking your money into the wrong operation could mean the collapse of your finances. Dave Turin isn’t afraid to take risks, but he’s still very shrewd in his ventures, so he has an estimated net worth of over $2 million as of mid-2020.

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