This is how Vaemond Velaryon dies worse in the book

Everyone knows that Rhaenyra’s first three sons, Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey, are all bastards of Ser Harwin Strong. However, it is advisable not to tell the truth publicly and especially not to call the only and eldest daughter of the King a whore. We saw what happened to Vaemond Velaryon, and what Daemon did to him is justified in the GoT universe.

However, in the series, HOTD episode 8 showed Daemon cutting off Vaemond’s head and his body being sent back to Driftmark to complete their family rituals. In the book Fire & Bloodwhich describes this scene, many other horrible things happen to Vaemond’s body after Daemon kills him.

Who is Vaemond and why was he at King’s Landing?

Princess Rhaenys opposes Vaemond Velaryon's claim in House of the Dragon

Princess Rhaenys opposes Vaemond Velaryon’s claim in House of the Dragon

Vaemond is Lord Corlys’ brother in the House of the Dragon series. The series gave his character a lot of prominence by making him the brother instead of one of his many nephews as depicted in the book.

To discuss the identity of Driftmark’s heir, Vaemond Velaryon had come to King’s Landing. He disagreed with Rhaenyra’s plan to marry off her children to Princess Rhaenys’ children. This way, Rhaenya’s son Jacaerys would inherit Driftmark. Jacaerys is indeed a bastard, but his claim would be strengthened as he is married to a Velaryon.

Vaemond Velaryon was fed to the dragon of Rhaenyra, according to the book

Demon Targaryen

Demon Targaryen

It should be noted that Daemon played a major role in the death of Vaemond Velaryon. Yes, of course he cut off half his head, but he also tricked him into saying that the sons of Rhaenyra are bastards. When King Viserys got angry, Daemon looked at Vaemond Velaryon and said, “Say it.” Vaemond took this as a green signal and called Rhaenyra’s sons bastards and her a whore. This is what gave Daemon the green signal to finally kill him.

In the book Fire & Blood, Rhaenyra orders Daemon to kill Vaemond Velaryon, then Daemon simply follows the order. Afterwards, Rhaenyra orders Vaemond’s body to be fed to her dragon, Syrax, who first breathes fire on Vaemond Velaryon’s corpse, making the air smell like burnt human flesh, and then eats it. HOTD couldn’t show it for two main reasons: its portrayal in the show is much softer than the books, and writer Ryan Condal may have wanted to keep it up. Plus, it would cost HBO a lot of money to show something like this in detail.

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