‘We’re gonna land on some leadership’: The Rock gives promising update on DC’s search for Kevin Feige, fans convinced Black Adam Star is eyeing the role for himself

black adam Star Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is becoming one of the most influential figures in the acting hierarchy who often stars in DCEU films. Henry Cavill as Superman, or even Ben Affleck as Batman were considered DC fans’ favorite actors, but The Rock is up to something of his own!

It’s pretty obvious that Warner Bros doesn’t like Zack Snyder enough to be the main man to orchestrate a bright future for the DCEU, we’re relieved to see that they at least trust Johnson with a role similar to that of Kevin Feige from the MCU.

The Rock Fandom Wire
The Rock as a wrestler

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The Rock provides update on DC’s leadership problem

Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest paid actors in the world and there is no shortage of major movie studios casting him for free, his influence in Hollywood is also quite considerable with a net worth of $800 million!

The Rock Fandom Wire
The Rock as Black Adam

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However, it’s not just about the money – the fame and recognition that comes with it has landed the 50-year-old actor a role in a major DC film project, that is. as the titular character of Black Adam.

There have been news of the latest update of the San Andreas star regarding Warner Bros.’ search for a Kevin Feige-like leader for the DC Universe. Johnson recently spoke to ComicBook where he revealed some interesting details about the leadership issue for DC-

“So today. I feel really confident in the new leadership that’s here now at Warner Bros. and I’m actively looking now for a…we’re also going to land on leadership for the DC side. So this idea that I’ve been saying for about a year now, about “Hey, it’s a new era in the DC universe. It’s a new era there, it’s a new era in Black Adam. You saw the end of Black Adam, it’s also a new era that we’re ushering in. So I feel good.

DC currently has no role models or figureheads to take on the role of leading the DC Universe to fame as Kevin Feige successfully did for the MCU. There have been various suitors like Henry Cavill (Superman) or Zack Snyder, but none of them seem to have had the opportunity or the approval of the higher WB brass.

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Fans Are Positive About The Rock’s Plan To Be DC’s Big Man Himself

It’s no lie that The Rock can max out a movie’s replayability, and who else would DC fans want instead of the multi-millionaire actor (with all due respect to his stunning net worth) to make the decisions for the DCEU?

The Rock Fandom Wire
The Rock as Black Adam

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Dwayne Johnson himself delivered the update on the leadership issue for the DC Universe as a whole, and it would make sense for every fan to think the now-retired wrestling legend would fancy himself in a type role. “Kevin-Feige” for the DC Universe.

Fans on Twitter have been pretty adamant about it, read some of the best tweets below-

Rising Fan Approval-

Exactly! –

He has the physique for it-

He said the word! –

We’re pretty sure he looks that way man-

The Rock was the loudest and most important voice in his DC movie’s promotional campaigns Black Adam. Not only that, but he’s also extended his interest in taking the DCEU to higher levels, and we’re all for him in the leadership role.

black adam premieres in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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