New Madame Web Set Photos Show Spider-Man Variant

Madame Web remains a mystery as filming continues as Sony expands the scope of its Spider-Man spinoff universe. There are undoubtedly more Spider-Man connections in Madame Web than Venom or Morbius, although Sony is secretive about what it has in store. Rumor has it that Uncle Ben and a pregnant Mary Parker will appear in the film, and several Spider-Women will also be cast. However, many are speculating as they have with each of the Spider-Man spin-offs as to whether the friendly neighborhood Spidey himself will make an appearance.

New set photos show Ezekiel Sims

Madame Web Photo Set

Madame Web Photo Set

Tahar Rahim’s character can be seen in the latest Madame Web set footage jumping through the air while wearing his costume, confirming that he is actually playing Ezekiel Sims.
Rahim’s attire definitely represents a comically accurate style for The Sims.
Even though Rahim is significantly younger than his comic book counterpart, the costume definitely represents The Sims due to the classic costume, shirt color, and lack of shoes.

Due to his ceremonial gain of Spider-Man-like abilities, the character has previously served as both the crawler’s friend and foe.

The video of the set shared on Twitter –

Role of Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web



Tahar Rahim has previously been seen battling with the film’s female heroes while wearing a Spider-Man inspired outfit on the set of Madame Web. In light of the fact that Sony seems to be combining his heroic and villainous pasts into one, he’ll likely be playing the Marvel movie’s main antagonist.
Ezekiel Sims has a history that includes his association with the Heirs, a family that searches the multiverse for Spider-People. In the early 2000s, Mary Parker was pregnant and an unborn Peter Parker was growing inside him; maybe they’ll be looking for the future Spider-Man.

Tahar Rahim doesn’t appear to be embracing his Spider-Man persona in Madame Web, and if he does, he’ll be a malevolent version of himself. However, perhaps at the end of it all, he will be saved, paving the way for a glorious future in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

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