‘They’re laying off everyone but Ezra’: WB Television Set to lay off 26% of its workforce to cut costs, fans ask why is Flash star Ezra Miller still getting paid?

The Ezra Miller controversies are endless, and there’s no stopping the actor’s unwitting (maybe?) campaign to defame Warner Bros. It’s still a very big mystery how the 30-year-old actor still hasn’t been dropped from Warner Bros’ list of reputable actors who are currently under contract with the company.

Maybe they bought a spot on the WB cast list? It’s unlikely, but not nearly as much given that WB has a pretty bad history of handling controversy, and the recent spate of project cancellations and removals isn’t helping their current image. Now comes some fresh news about the big entertainment company, and yes, they’re in for a rough ride yet again.

Ezra Miller FandomMovies
Miller at an event

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Ezra Miller miraculously still not fired after Warner Bros layoff

Warner Bros really needs to put together a lot of pieces regarding its reputation as a movie company, the cancellation of bat girl wasn’t the end of all the bad stuff to get out of the WB camp!

Ezra Miller FandomMovies
Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash

The dismissal of your employees is causing disgust among much of the working community, and Warner Bros has done just that according to new reports. According to reports, it was the scripted, unscripted, and animated divisions that were dropped.

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Note that it’s the working-class community (whether blue-collar or white-collar) that makes up a major demographic of WB films, which only makes matters worse.

Fans are pretty saddened and a little pissed off about the news too, but what’s been shocking them lately is how Ezra Miller, who plays Flash in the DCEU, wasn’t included in the movie. staff who were shown the door.

The Benefits of being a wallflower the star’s off-screen conduct and behavior is literally PR suicide for Warner Bros., and it would only be fair for WB to remove them from their acting department. Twitter took special note of this fact-

These reactions are hilarious-

We almost forgot about Amber Heard-

These two are definitely not fan favorites-

Not a single positive thing to like about Miller for this user-

It’s no surprise no fan wants Ezra Miller involved in anything DC does now, the controversial actor has only blamed himself.

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Despite fan backlash, Ezra Miller returns to a DC set

There seems to be a binding spell, probably brought on by the dark magic that Ezra Miller cast on Warner Bros executives so as not to stop the actor from working with the movie company.

Ezra Miller FandomMovies
Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash

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Well, that theory (just kidding) seems to be even more plausible now after recent reports revealed that Miller is back on the set of the flash for reruns. An article on The Wrap website says-

“Miller and their agent met with Warner Bros.” the film returns in August »

It is further reported that the reunion was about the upcoming movie based on the character that Miller plays in the DCEU, named flash, and he was described as having a positive result. In a follow-up post to The Wrap’s reveal, IGN further reports that the actor is now back on set.

Does this help WB’s case? Not much, anything controversial related to the main star of a big project is a recipe for disaster.

the flash is slated for a theatrical release on June 23, 2023.

Source: Twitter

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