‘I’m pretty sure those diamonds aren’t cruelty-free’: Ryan Reynolds slams Disney for making movies that cause ‘irreversible trauma’

Ryan Reynolds’ dead Pool is known for his explicit humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall. After the two dead Pool and Logan have been rated “R” on Disney+, the actor went on to explain on his Instagram how other Disney projects such as Snow White, The Lion Kingand Bambi should also receive an “R” rating due to trauma.

deadpool ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

After Disney bought Fox Studios, the X-Men and the characters surrounding the team all went under Disney. This included Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson finding himself connected to the company as well. Being one of the few Marvel movies to have an “R” rating, it has become difficult for audiences under a certain age to watch these films. On this subject, the actor joked that the Disney classics should also have a higher rating.

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Ryan Reynolds wants The Lion King and Snow White to have a higher rating

Claiming that several Disney classics can cause or have already caused irreversible trauma, Ryan Reynolds went on to explain why certain movies like White as snow and The Lion King must be “R” rated movies on Disney+.

disney snow white
White as snow

For the former, he claimed the film included mediums such as breaking and entering and borderline polyandry, then joked that he was sure the diamonds included in the film weren’t cruelty-free. He shared an infographic on how the film is not suitable for minors and minors or “shy.”

A picture of the Lion King

For movies like old crier, he talked about how the film was not good for those who accept dogs, going into more detail about how it touched innocent hearts.

“A total lousy scream inducing the outright murder of Old Yeller. Also, bear abuse.

As for The Lion King, the film does not hesitate to make the public cry. Mufasa’s death can hit like a truck for many. However, that’s not the only reason the movie should get an “R” rating. The red notice The actor opened up about how the film potentially has lion cousins ​​kissing, mutilating, fratricidal, and more.

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Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Bambi Should Also Be Rated ‘R’

Bambi was one of those films that stabbed hearts in the most brutal way possible. Reynolds was also no stranger to the pain inflicted upon seeing the baby deer’s innocent mother submit to eternal sleep.


He pointed out how therapy doesn’t come cheap, and that the movie would definitely leave a person with a good deal of trauma. Being the first two “R” rated films on the platform, Ryan Reynolds humorously posted on his Instagram about the pain of growing up with such films which may be aimed at children but help mark his childhood.

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