Ironheart Series Theory: The Hood Will Make A Pact With Sacha Baron Cohen’s Mephisto, Become A Pawn

As MCU prepares its introduction for Riri Williams within the confines of its expansive film franchise, new details regarding Stone heart are making their way to the fandom sphere. While these are mostly rumors and theories, they point to an intriguing premise. Recent reports have alleged the involvement of The dictator former Sacha Baron Cohen in the company run by Dominique Thorne.

Mephisto in Marvel Comics will appear in Ironheart
Mephisto in Marvel Comics

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The role Cohen was rumored to play raised several questions in the minds of people who seemed to have been somewhat confused. What purpose would Mephisto, the Extra-Dimensional Demon, have in the series? Well, it looks like fans already have an answer for that. And it has something to do with The Hood/Parker Robbins, played by hamilton talented Anthony Ramos.

The origin of the hood in the comics

The Hood's origin in the comics
The Hood’s origin in the comics

Some fans questioned the inclusion of The Hood and Mephisto in Stone heart, because the two characters seem poles apart from Riri Williams. The confusion is understandable. However, Marvel Studios’ attempt seems to explore the story of tech vs. magic that the comics have touched on enough.

While it might have made sense for the premise’s protagonist to go up against another notable tech villain, countering the forces of The Hood’s powers would be quite intriguing to see.

Either way, Parker Robbins will likely see himself, quite literally, making a deal with the devil.

In the comics, The Hood makes his first appearance in The Condom #1, created by Brian K. Vaughn and Kyle Hotz. One day, along with his cousin, Parker breaks into a warehouse, hoping to rob it. During this time, Parker encountered a Nisanti demon, which he apparently ended up killing. Instead of leaving empty-handed, he grabbed the demonic cloak and boots. From this, Parker received mystical powers that allowed him to become The Hood.

The Hood will be the main villain of the series
The Hood will be the main villain of the series

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These powers are said to come from the inter-dimensional entity Dormammu, allowing him to resurrect the deceased. When The Hood wears his cape, he can hold his breath and become invisible. He also has teleportation abilities.

What can be inferred is that the MCU will see its iteration of Parker Robbins deviate from the source material. Instead of Dormammu, we’ll see The Hood make a deal with the demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto in Stone heart. This change is part of the current continuity of the franchise.

Dormammu - Doctor Strange (2016)
Dormammu in strange doctor (2016)

The Hood will do a good deal with Mephisto in Ironheart

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Mephisto could become the main reason the character played by Anthony Ramos gained his powers in Stone heart. It would be interesting to see exactly how he manages to get it from the Lord of the Underworld. According to several theories, this would likely involve some form of dangerous betting or haggling. The details surrounding such an agreement cannot yet be determined. However, this might require Parker Robbins to become the demonic villain’s pawn.

Could it be anything like the deal made by Doctor Doom’s mother, Cynthia von Doom? In the comics, Cynthia made a deal with the extra-dimensional demon that ultimately led to her death. Her soul was cursed and eternal damnation fell upon her.

The Hood will get their powers from Mephisto
The Hood will get their powers from Mephisto

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If this is the kind of exchange that needs to take place between Mephisto and The Hood, then things are about to get dark and grotesque. Nevertheless, the theory that The Hood derives his powers from Mephisto explains the latter’s inclusion in Stone heart. The battle between technology and magic will surely be interesting.

Let’s see how the show’s main character, Riri Williams handles this.

Stone heart will be released on Disney+ in late 2023. Actress Dominique Throne will make her character debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which is scheduled for release on November 11, 2022.

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