The untold truth of Steve Buscemi’s son

Lucian Buscemi is an American musician and actor, born June 30, 1990 in New York, United States. He is known to be the son of actor, producer and director Steve Buscemi.

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Early life

Lucian is the only child from the marriage between Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres.

Details of Lucian’s educational background are unknown. However, it was revealed that he spent his childhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Despite his parents’ film professions, Lucian instead developed a deep interest in rock and alternative music. Influenced by his father, Lucian fell in love with and grew up listening to legendary ’70s punk bands The Ramones and The Clash. It also counts Korn, Blink-182 and Green Day as his influences.

Inspired by various musical genres, Lucian Buscemi started learning to play various instruments from an early age. Today, he is considered a multi-instrumentalist, as he plays piano, guitar and bass.


Hollywood – actor and musician

Lucian Buscemi’s acting career started very early in his life, when he was only six years old, when he was cast in a minor role in the movie “Trees Lounge”. Created in 1996 and written and directed by Lucian’s father, Steve Buscemi, this film centers on a mechanic named Tommy, who lets life pass while finding excuses not to give up his drinking habits.

In 2007, Lucian participated in the soundtrack of “Interview”, with the song of his group Fiasco “0157: H7 (Spy Song)”.

The film starring and directed by his father Steve, is a remake of “The Departed” and although its screenplay received mixed reviews, it was also well-reviewed by experts due to its execution.

In 2011, Lucian collaborated on the soundtrack (OST) of the film “4:44 Last Day on Earth”. The film – which received mixed reviews – is a SCI-FI drama directed by Abel Ferreira and centers on the story of two lovers spending the end of the world together in New York.

Also in 2011, Lucian worked in the sound department of the film “Sal”, which is based on the true story of actor/musician Sal Mineo.

Musical career – Fiasco

Together with Jonathan Edelstein and Julian Bennett Holmes, Lucian Buscemi – then aged 16 – formed the group Fiasco. Fiasco’s sound didn’t fit a single genre, as the band members drew inspiration from many bands such as Bad Brains, Don Caballero, and Lightning Bolt.

Lucien Buscemi

Often defined as a mix of math rock and hardcore punk, Lucian said gothamist that the band members were musically inspired by their personal experiences and preferences: “We all fell into hardcore punk through word of mouth and the internet, and then we wanted to play that style of music.” As such, he considers that the creation of Fiasco was not determined by their environment or their social background: “Kids who get into this style of music can arrive anywhere.”

Although they started out as a cover band, that didn’t deter the members from experimenting with their sound, slowly improving and developing a more unique style: “It got louder and more complex, I guess. We started playing in weird time signatures, and the riffs we started writing got harder to play. Regardless of the changes the band went through, Fiasco retained their punk influences throughout their career.

After signing with independent company Impose Records, in 2007 Fiasco released their debut album – “God Loves Fiasco” – which contained 23 tracks and gained recognition for the band in the local Brooklyn music scene. Subsequently, they released various albums such as “Native Canadians” in 2008, “Fabolous Bozo FP” in 2009, and the single “Sinus Rhythm Breakdown” in 2012. These works were highly praised by the public, leading the group to be featured by not only rock music specialty magazines, but several mainstream media platforms.

Fiasco also toured the United States several times but went into an indefinite hiatus in 2012, although reportedly during production of the single “Sinus Rhythm Breakdown”.

Its members concentrated on their personal projects – Buscemi did more acting, in films as in “Interview”, “Tree Lounges” and “The Sopranos”, and also participated in the soundtrack of several Hollywood productions.

We don’t know exactly what Lucian Buscemi is doing these days.

Private life

Romantic relationship

Lucian Buscemi keeps his love life private. For this reason, there is no information about his partners or his marital status, but he is presumed to be single and has no children.

Famous parents

Father – Steve Buscemi

Lucian’s father is Steve Buscemi, the highly acclaimed American actor, writer and director who has appeared in such films as “Reservoir Dogs” and “Desperado”.

Steven Vicent Buscemi was born in New York, the son of John and Dorothy Buscemi of Italian and Irish descent. Along with his parents and three brothers, Steve moved from Brooklyn to Nassau County. Steve enrolled at Valley Stream Central High School in 1975, then enrolled at Nassau Community College, although he later transferred to the Manhattan-based Lee Strasberg Institute.

Although Steve has always been interested in acting, his first job was as a firefighter. He worked in New York from 1980 to 1984, when he moved to Los Angeles and made his Hollywood debut in the No Wave Cinema film “The Way It Is.” After that, he was cast in various minor roles in productions such as “Parting Glances” and “Miami Vice.”

In 1989, he appeared in the movie “Mystery Train”, for which he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor at that year’s Spirit Awards.

His outstanding performance in the said movie helped him earn a spot in the cast of the movie “Millers Crossing” in 1990.

In 1992, Steve Buscemi finally gets his first leading role, as Adolpho Rollo in the movie “In The Soup”. That same year, he would star as Mr. Pink in “Reservoir Dogs,” one of his most memorable roles to date, and for which Buscemi won Best Supporting Actor at the Spirit Awards.

In 1996 Buscemi starred in the movie “Fargo” as the protagonist Carl Showalter. This role was positively received by experts and was followed by other character roles in productions such as “Con Air” in 1997, the film “The Big Lebowski” in 1998 and “Ghost World” in 2001. the latter, he won the Chicago Film Critics Association Category Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

During those years, Buscemi also made his debut as a voice actor, giving his voice to various memorable characters from “Monsters, Inc.” and its prequel, 2004’s “Home On The Range”, and 2006’s “Monster House”.

Other important roles in Buscemi’s career have been those of Tony Blundetto in the 2004 classic “The Sopranos” and Enoch Thompson in the series “Boardwalk Empire”, a role for which he won the Best Actor category at the Golden Globe Awards in 2010. .

In 1992, Steve Buscemi made his debut as a director, with the short film “What Happened to Pete”, followed by “Trees Lounge” in 1996. In the 2000s, he also directed “Animal Factory”, “Lonesome Jim” and “Interview”.

Happy birthday to the living legend, Mr. Steve Buscemi.

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Buscemi’s career as a series director has also been successful, having worked on the web show “Love” and the television series “The Sopranos” and “30 Rock.”

Mother – Jo Andres

Although less prominent than her husband, Lucian’s mother, Jo Andres, was a talented filmmaker, dancer and artist. Her artistic works have been presented in several galleries in New York, while she has also worked and collaborated with Wooster Group, Rockefeller Study Center and Yaddo. His most acclaimed work was the 1996 film “Black Kites”, which screened at several renowned international film festivals.

Andres also directed the short film “Liquid Tara” in 2012, and Diana Krall’s music video for the song “When The Curtain Comes Down”.

The story of Buscemi and Andres

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres met in 1983 and immediately started dating. In 1987, they got married and managed to maintain a happy family life for decades, despite their busy careers.

Sadly, Jo Andres passed away in January 2019 after battling ovarian cancer for several years. Regarding his loss, in 2020, Buscemi said GQ magazine: ‘If I were to leave not suddenly, I hope I could be as present as Jo was. She paved the way. She was surrounded by friends and family.

Net value

Lucian Buscemi has an estimated net worth of over $5 million which is largely the result of his career as a musician.

Physical appearance

Lucian Buscemi is a man of white ethnicity. He has blond-brown hair and green eyes. He is 1.72m (5ft 8in) tall, but his weight is unknown.

Other interesting facts

All members of Fiasco’s band were multi-instrumentalists.

Lucian does not have a public social media account.

One of Buscemi’s favorite concert halls in New York was Silent Barn.

Although his band Fiasco often cited big-name musicians as their influences, Lucian told Impose Magazine the opposite: “We also have influences that suck but you just don’t hear them.”

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