10 Facts On Travis Etienne Mom And Parents

Donnetta Etienne is the mother of four children.

Donnetta Etienne raised all of her children to be good human beings. Besides Travis, she has another son named Trevor. She is also the mother of two athletic daughters, Danielle and Shanea.

Travis Etienne’s mother is a nurse by profession.

Donnetta Etienne is a dedicated nurse from Louisiana.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is currently assigned as an LPN-treatment nurse at the Lake Charles Care Center.

Her real name is Donnetta Marie Lyons.

Donnetta Etienne was formerly known as Donnetta Marie Lyons. She was born on September 28, 1974.

According to the astrological sign, she belongs to the Libra group. People born under the zodiac sign know how to balance things out, which is quite evident when watching Donnetta manage her family members.

Donnetta is from Welsh, Louisiana.

Etienne has an American nationality. She grew up in Gallois, a beautiful parish in Jefferson Davis, Louisiana town.

By Travis Etienne Wikipediahis father had impregnated his mother during a business trip to France.

She married Travis Etienne Sr, an oil industry worker.

Donnetta Etienne has been married to Travis Etienne Sr for over two decades. Her husband is a worker in the oil industry.

According heavythe Etienne family of Creole ancestry generally refers to a person or persons of mixed French Colonial, African American, and Native American ancestry.

Travis and his mother posing for the photo in the trophy room.
Travis and his mother posing for the photo in the trophy room. (Source: clemsonsportsnews)

She encouraged all of her children to pursue athletic careers.

The four children of the Etienne family were high school athletes.

Trevor Etienne, still a high school student, attends Jennings High School and follows in his brother’s footsteps. According to SI, Trevor Etienne, who plays running back, could also break his brother’s school records.

Likewise, Danielle and Shanea’s daughters played basketball and ran for Jennings High School.

Donnetta Etienne has a crucial rule for her children.

Etienne has always been a wonderful mother, but she also imposed some essential rules in the family for her children.

The mother thinks that if her children do their chores and keep up their grades, they have the right to do anything.

Donnetta is very vocal about her son’s accomplishments. She told the Greenville: “I’m just happy with the man he’s becoming. I’m also happy with the way we can look at him. The whole world can see what we already know. I can see him becoming a complete man. before our very eyes.”

The proud mom now lives in Jennings, Louisiana.

Currently, Donnetta Etienne resides in her home in Jennings. While his son, Travis, has to travel a lot due to his professional football career. Nevertheless, all the members of the family never forget to wish Travis during his games.

According to Travis, his family members are his biggest fans, at the same time, his most prominent critics.

Recently, as Travis and other family members joined Trevor's graduation celebration from Jennings High School, the Etiennes posed for this photo with him.
Recently, as Travis and other family members joined Trevor’s graduation celebration from Jennings High School, the Etiennes posed for this photo with him. (Source: theathletic)

Donnetta closely monitors her son’s game with Tweets.

Donnetta Etienne is available on Twitter under the handle @DonnettaEtienne. Her profile has amassed a total of 1,401 followers.

The proud mom has never missed her son’s games. Instead, she usually tweets a lot about Travis matches.

She received threats in 2019 following her son’s game against LSU.

Prior to Clemson’s game against LSU in the College Football Playoff National Championship game on January 13, 2019 in New Orleans, Donnetta Etienne, the mother of Clemson football star running back Travis Etienne, receives a ton of unfavorable press.

After receiving threats, Donnetta posted about her Twitter account: “We receive all kinds of threats. Sad but true. God is in control. Nothing can penetrate the blood of Jesus. We are blessed!!”

Some FAQs

Who are Travis Etienne’s parents?

Travis Etienne’s parents are Donnetta Etienne and Travis Etienne Sr.

Who is Donetta Etienne?

Donetta Etienne; she is the beautiful and proud mother of Travis Etienne. By profession, she is a nurse.

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