Here’s how Anakin helped Ahsoka defeat the Inquisitor in Tales Of The Jedi

In Episode 6 of the recently released Star Wars Tales of the Jedi animated show, we saw Ahsoka take on an Inquisitor and effortlessly dispatch him. She used exactly 3 moves – 2 dodges and a deadly slash to end the fight. And before it started, it was over. It showed his superiority and experience on the battlefield.
But how could Ahsoka end the match so quickly? We know the answer and it’s Anakin. Scroll down for the explanation.

How did Anakin help Ahsoka win the fight against the Inquisitor?

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka was Anakin’s Padawan and formed under him. Outside of the usual training, his way of teaching was unorthodox as he encouraged him to think outside the box. He thought that in the real world, it was a life or death situation and she had to be ready. In Episode 5 of Tales of the Jedi, titled “Practice Makes Perfect”, he put her in different training situations.

She first trained with training droids and when she mastered this, Anakin contacted Captain Rex of the 501st to set up a new battle challenge for Ahsoka. The clones surrounded Ahsoka and attacked her, but Anakin told them to set their weapons to stun only. During this practice, Ahsoka was knocked out several times. But she still stood up and managed to fight off the barrage of attacks for 5 minutes before being stunned again by Rex’s dual blasters.

Captain Rex Bad Batch

Captain Rex Bad Batch

In the episode, we see her learn to move quickly, dodge expertly, and use force to sense her opponents. It was all of these skills that she used to claim victory over the Sixth Brother, her Inquisitor opponent in Episode 6 of the anime series. So it was Anakin’s relentless training that allowed him to dominate his opponent so deeply. It should also be mentioned that Ahsoka won because the Inquisitor was arrogant and underestimated her.

He thought she was vulnerable without a lightsaber, but that wasn’t the case. Armed with her training and powerful connection to the Force, she prevailed effortlessly even though she hadn’t engaged in active combat for some time.

Why didn’t the inquisitor receive similar training?

The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor

It’s interesting that Anakin didn’t pass this particular training on to the Inquisitors. After becoming Darth Vader, he trained the Grand Inquisitor, but it seems that this training is unlike the brutal one Anakin gave Ahsoka. There are some theories as to why he may have kept this knowledge to himself. One could be that he was training unconsciously and prepare only Ahsoka for ordinance 66.

Another reason could be that he didn’t think the Inquisitors would need such training and could rely more on their strength and weapons. The last reason could be because he kept his cards close to him and didn’t divulge the training that could be used against him by the Sith. Or maybe the Grand Inquisitor never passed on the training given by Vader to his underlings.

But what do you think? Why didn’t Anakin train the Inquisitors like he did Ahsoka?

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