How Old Is Oriana Schneps From Below Deck Adventure? Her Age, Height, Job and Parents

In the inaugural season premiere of Below Deck Adventure on Bravo, Stew Oriana Schneps will most likely reveal her age.

According to Bravo, the Boston-based flight attendant not only has a romance aboard the ship, but also has disagreements with the crew members working inside. At this point, it’s unclear whether his employer, Chief Hostess Faye Clarke, Chef Jess Condy or Stew Kasie Faddah are involved in the drama or not.

The fact that Oriana and Kasie have collaborated on projects in the past contributes to the growing excitement among fans of the show.

Oriana Schneps

Oriana Schneps

Quick Facts About Orianna Schneps

Full name Orianna Schneps
Age 20-30
Studies Biomedical management
University University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Height 5 feet 7 inches

How old is Oriana Schneps from Adventure Below Bridge?

Oriana Schneps appears to be in her twenties, based on her presence on several social media platforms.

As Oriana wins people over, her dedicated followers are increasingly interested in knowing more about her private life. Schneps has done a great job of keeping her private details hidden from the public eye, and she hasn’t revealed her precise age to date.

Audiences are hopeful that Oriana will become more familiar to them after the new episodes air. On the other hand, based on the footage we’ve seen of her, it looks like she’s somewhere in her 20s or early 30s.

According to Schneps’ profile on LinkedIn, she attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst between the years of 2012 and 2016, and she graduated from the institution in 2016. Given the sequence of events, the actress must be in late twenties at the latest.

It’s reasonable to assume she’s somewhere in her 20s at this point considering the average American student enrolls in college at the age of 18 after graduating from high school.

Oriana appears to be young, dynamic and full of promise.

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How does Oriana Schneps work?

Oriana is a multi-talented woman with various skills. She is a businesswoman who was instrumental in establishing the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club earlier this year. Her Instagram profile reveals that she is an accomplished horse rider as well as a dive master.

Oriana served as Chief Stew of International Yachting for several years before founding the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club, which she describes as an “innovative blockchain company” that collects “metaverse-ready mega-yacht NFTs.” Additionally, she started working in the entertainment industry and joined the cast of the show Under Deck Adventure.

She’s ready to take on a role in the franchise, and this opportunity could pave the way for her to pursue another line of work. If the show is a hit and Oriana develops a sequel, there’s a good chance she’ll appear in other TV shows.

Oriana Schneps has joined the sets of Below Deck Adventures.

Oriana Schneps has joined the sets of Below Deck Adventures.

Who are Oriana Schneps’ parents?

Oriana comes from a wealthy family established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She began her training at an early age and quickly picked up skills such as fencing, horseback riding and scuba diving. On top of that, she spent her twenties going on vacations with her family all over the world.

Despite the fact that she did not divulge any private information about her parents or their identity, she had a happy childhood and was raised in a loving home. This would indicate that she has a healthy relationship with both of her parents.

Schneps doesn’t really post pictures with his family on his social media accounts; however, she made it clear that she had a strong connection to her family and was proud to be a part of it. Although she does not post any photos with her family, she is proud to be part of it.

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Oriana Schneps in Adventure Below Bridge

Under Deck is a reality TV show that debuted on Bravo in 2013 and follows a group of young employees on luxury boats.

In the first season of Below Deck Adventure, flight attendant Oriana Schneps and Bosun Lewis Lupton had a ship romance. However, it seems that she has moved on and is currently seeing someone else.

On her Instagram, you can see more recent photos of Oriana with San Francisco restaurant owner John Dampeer. Oriana recently traveled to the West Coast to visit John at his restaurant, which is called Fool’s Errand. However, it’s unclear if they’re just close friends or have a romantic relationship.

After the filming of Oriana’s Under Deck Adventure was completed, the two individuals seem to have met during a boating vacation in Croatia. Additionally, Oriana went on a trip with Chef Jess, someone she seemed to have built a solid relationship with. It was stated in the show’s teaser that Lewis and Oriana had a romance on the high seas while sailing in Norway aboard the superyacht Mercury.

It looks like Faye and Oriana will have a hard time getting along at work for the duration of the charter season.

Some FAQs

How old is Oriana Schneps?

It would appear that Oriana Schneps is in her mid to late twenties at this point.

What is Oriana Schneps’ job?

In the Under Deck Adventure game, Oriana Schneps is employed as a stew.

How tall is Oriana Schneps?

Oriana Schneps is 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) tall.

Oriana Schneps Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography

It’s quite possible that Stew Oriana Schneps will reveal her age in the first episode of Bravo’s Underneath Deck Experience.

According to Bravo, the Boston-based attendant is responsible for half of the ship’s sentiment as well as disagreements with internal staff. His boss, Boss Attendant Faye Clarke, culinary specialist Jess Condy or Stew Kasie Faddah may be present at this time. Alternatively, Stew Kasie Faddah can serve as a current.

The fact that Oriana and Kasie have worked together thus far has helped to increase the sense of vitality among the show’s huge following.

As Oriana wins over fans, her devoted fans are increasingly interested in learning more about her personal life. Schneps has gone to great lengths to keep her information hidden away from public scrutiny, and at this time she is unable to determine how old she really is.

Viewers expect to hear more about Oriana after the new episodes air. Regardless of that, based on her photographs, it would appear that she is in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties at this point.

According to Schneps’ profile on LinkedIn, she attended the College of Massachusetts at Amherst after graduating from high school between the years of 2012 and 2016. Considering the different event packages, the performer must be in their 20s at this stage.

Since the typical American female student enrolls in freshman year of college at age 18, shortly after graduating from high school, she must be somewhere in her twenties at this point.

Oriana comes across as young, active and full of possibilities.

What exactly is the role that Oriana Schneps plays? Oriana is a woman with quite a few talents and abilities. She is a pioneer in the business world and was instrumental in establishing the Languid 8ight Yacht Club earlier this year. She is a skilled horsewoman and her Instagram feed reveals that she is an expert in jumping.

Oriana spent a lot of time researching Global Yachting’s main stew before starting Sluggish 8ight Boat Club, which she promoted as an “imaginative blockchain company” that builds “metaverse-ready super yacht NFTs.” She also began to participate in the preparations for the Underneath Deck Experience and began approaching media dealers.

She has the ability to become part of the organization, and this can serve as the beginning of her transition to a different line of work. If the stream becomes a hit and Oriana builds an audience, we’ll see more of her on TV. If the stream fails to become a hit, then we won’t see as much of Oriana on TV.

Who are Oriana Schneps’ guardians, you ask? Oriana comes from a wealthy family established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She started young, learning to fencing, pony riding and diving, which helped her become more independent. Additionally, she spent her twenties traveling the world with her family on vacations and other family activities.

She had a happy upbringing in the context of a loving family, despite the fact that she does not yet have an individual understanding of the personality of her parents and grandparents. It seems that she lives close to both her parents.

Schneps doesn’t actually post any photos of his family on any of his digital entertainment accounts; nevertheless, she mentioned that she has an incredible attachment to her family and is happy to be a part of it.

Underneath Deck is an unscripted television show that has aired on Bravo since 2013. The show focuses on a group of young people who work on expensive boats.

It looks like she already had a boyfriend, despite Attendant Oriana Schneps and Bosun Lewis Lupton having a romance in the first season of Underneath Deck Experience.

On Oriana’s Instagram, you might be able to find more recent photos of her with San Francisco restaurant owner John Dampeer. Oriana recently stopped by John and his restaurant Waste of time while on the west coast. However, it’s not clear if they’re just business partners or if they’re seriously invested in the relationship.

Following Oriana’s successful Underneath Deck Experience photography, the two appear to have met while on a boating jaunt in Croatia. Additionally, Oriana traveled with Jess, who had a background in the culinary arts and with whom she seemed to have developed a close bond. According to what was shown in the show’s teaser, Lewis and Oriana experienced a feeling of ship while cruising in Norway aboard the superyacht Mercury.

It looks like Faye and Oriana aren’t going to accept that everything is going well throughout Sanctions season.

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