“Is that Shakira?” : Henry Cavill drove fans crazy and sparked relationship rumors with the queen of Latin music after his split with Pique

During the premiere of UNCLE man In 2015, Henry Cavill had to work harder to believe he was seeing Shakira in person for the first time. The adorable fanboying quickly turned into an internet project where a fan club devoted entirely to the two stars makes ends meet to pair the two celebrities together. Now, the video resurfacing in 2015 is making a comeback in fan circles, especially after the infamous and messy Shakira-Pique split.


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Henry Cavill and Shakira are the new talk of the town

Henry Cavill is making headlines this year, whether it’s due to his incredible return to the DCU franchise after 5 years of dashed hopes and utter silence or his unwarranted exit from Netflix. the witcher amid speculation about poor writing and creative differences. But the buzz that takes the cake is the rumors of Steel man star gushing over Colombian singer and global icon, Shakira, and a return of the same from the latter.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill on the red carpet at the premiere of UNCLE man

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The rumors began in 2015 when Cavill spotted Shakira at her own movie premiere and asked, puzzled, “Is that Shakira?” Even though it was just a fanboy moment, it was built into a massive mountain of dramatic speculation that continued to snowball into an idolatry of the idea of ​​the two celebrities getting together. Although Shakira was in a relationship then and Cavill happily committed to her partner now, the rumors are reluctant to die down.

The most recent wave of speculation occurred during Halloween festivities when the singer was spotted wearing a Wonder Woman costume. Even though it’s a far-fetched dream, fans have tied the idea of ​​the costume to Henry Cavill’s return as Superman and have pondered the possibility that Shakira might be insinuating something without expressly saying so.

A recap of the Shakira-Pique drama from June to October 2022

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and Colombian pop icon Shakira ended their relationship in June 2022 after spending more than a decade together. 2 months later, the news still divides mass opinion and remains a subject of speculation. In August, a tabloid article spotting Pique with 23-year-old student Clara Chia Marti caused massive furor and an upheaval in support for Shakira. Even though the celebrity couple made their split official in early June 2022, it wasn’t until late September that the Colombian pop star felt comfortable enough to publicly comment on the matter.

Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 years of relationship
Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 years of relationship

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Even though 4 months pales in comparison to 11 years, Shakira has come to terms with the separation and opened up about the “incredibly difficult” estranged from her longtime partner and the father of her two young children. In the cover issue of SHE magazine’s October issue, the singer shared her disappointment at seeing her relationship turn into a “something vulgarized and deprecated by the media” thus ending the rumors of an affair on the part of Pique causing the couple to break up.

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