Marvel Shot Themselves In The Foot By Denying A More Comedic Accurate Skaar Design In She-Hulk

Hulk’s son Skaar was first introduced to the mainstream MCU via She-Hulk: Lawyer. Although previously portrayed on TV by Benjamin Diskin, the Disney+ adaptation was the comic book character’s first live-action debut and was portrayed by Marvel newcomer Wil Deusner.

Although the entrance of a teenage Skaar in the current timeline casts a considerable shadow over the computer skills of Marvel’s creative team, the biggest problem now is the studio’s visual effects department and their recreation of Skaar displaying the hairstyle of a background dancer from a ’70s musical.

Skaar lands on Earth
Skaar lands on Earth

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Who is Skaar – Origin, Age and Characteristic Traits

The child of Bruce Banner (in his Hulk form) and Caiera, the comic book character was one of two children born to the otherworldly couple. Caiera was introduced in the world war hulk comic arc where she happens to be a shadow person on Sakaar who, though antagonistic at first, later aligns with Hulk aka Green King before marrying him. Imbued with “The Old Power”, she gives birth to Skaar and Hiro-Kala posthumously through a cocoon.

Skaar as depicted in the comics
Skaar as depicted in the comics

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The main feature of the comic book character that caught the attention of cinematic universe enthusiasts was that the Hulk’s son who was only supposed to be 7 years old is now at least 17. After the events of Age of Ultron, Hulk flies away from Earth and crashes into Sakaar in his Quinjet where he spends the entirety of two years in the physical form of the Incredible Hulk. Banner exclusively reiterates his two-year timeline to Thor when the latter finds him during Ragnarok.

After Ragnarok and the decimation of Asgard, it’s only one day before Thanos’ tyranny begins in real time. The Blip that follows then puts the timeline another 5 years, and assuming Skaar hasn’t been dusted by the Snap, that still makes him 7 years at most. However, time moves differently on different planets and this could possibly be one of the reasons why the 7-year-old Hulk looks like an adult.

Skaar Confronts the Hulk in Skaar - Son of Hulk Comic Issue
Skaar confronts the Hulk in Skaar: Son of the Hulk comic question

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Created by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr. and first canonically introduced in world war hulk #5, the Son of the Hulk arc almost takes the form of a Greek tragedy. After being born and rapidly aging (which could be explained by his late mother’s powers), the Son of Hulk is driven by one end goal: to travel to Earth and kill his father. Even if the MCU prefers to move away from the comic narrative, Skaar in She-Hulk didn’t look positively friendly in the first place anyway.

Marvel’s Turns Skaar Into A Horribly Redacted Teenager

Design of Skaar 1
Design of Skaar 1

Skaar’s design development was a long process, just like every CGI character under the Marvel banner. However, it’s hard to understand how all the time invested in making a potentially important character who could soon become a mainstay of Marvel, the version found in She-Hulk was the only design to be approved among the many and much cooler.

As revealed by concept artist Constantine Sekeris, early Skaar designs that were developed for She-Hulk were simply too good not to be revealed to an appreciative public.

“…the tone of [She-Hulk] is light and funny so I wanted to stay in a palette that suited it and with this specific design for Skaar bringing an element of his father’s Sakaar armor design reflecting that he is from Sakaar… I attached his long hair so he could show off some of the Sakaar tattoos he would have similar to his father when he was a gladiator.

Concept design of Skaar 2
Concept design of Skaar 2

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If by introducing Skaar Marvel finally achieves the ambitious arc of World War Hulk, the CGI team must quickly return to their desks and correct the designs of the MCU Skaar before putting it on the multiversal battlefield.

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