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Sean Edward Harman is an actor and artist. He is also the son of the late Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman, actually best known following the tragic death of his parents, in which his mother Brynn Hartman committed suicide shortly after her husband’s murder. Sean was only nine years old at the time of this event, which therefore shaped his life.

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Early life

Sean Edward Hartman was born on the 17the June 1989 (currently 31 years old) in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

The murder of comedian Phil Hartman by his wife, Brynn – who later committed suicide – left a legacy of laughter, two…

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His zodiac sign is Gemini and he now has Canadian-American citizenship. He grew up in Los Angeles, California because he was close to the television production that his father, Phil Hartman, worked on and was involved with.

Sean’s heritage from his father’s side is English, German and Irish. On her mother’s side, it’s more of a mix – English, Scottish, French Canadian, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian and Mexican.

Phil Hartmann, Sean’s father, was a well-known and beloved Canadian screenwriter, graphic designer, actor and comedian, appearing regularly on the NBC comedy show “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), wrapping up its eighth and final season on SNL in February. 1998.

He was also a voice-over artist, best known for his work voicing many “The Simpsons” characters, as well as Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo.

Phil was married three times, first to Gretchen Lewis from 1970 to 1972, then to Lisa Strain from 1982 to 1985, and soon after met his future third wife and Sean’s mother, Brynn, a aspiring model on a blind date; they married in 1987. Sean has a younger brother, Birgen Anika, who was born in February 1992. Both Sean’s parents suffered from alcohol and drug addiction problems, as the impact of fame apparently had a negative effect on both parents. As a result, the early years of Sean’s childhood weren’t the most peaceful or stable.

Sean Edward Hartman and Phil Hartman

28e In May 1998, the infamous murder-suicide event took place that changed the lives of Sean and his sister forever. After attending a restaurant in Los Angeles, Brynn Hartman shot Phil Hartmann three times as he slept in bed. After confessing to a friend what she had done, she locked herself in the bathroom and shot herself in the head. This murder-suicide left Sean and his sister Birgen orphans; Sean was nine at the time and his younger sister Birgen was six. They were both in the house when it happened, so it was obviously a deeply traumatic event for both of them. Then they were taken to a park by a family friend, who could tell they were in shock. They apparently announced their sadness that their mother “can’t take her to do all the fun things she promised.”

Much of Hollywood mourned the loss of Phil. In an attempt to remove the children from a media circus, they were sent to live in the Midwest with a maternal aunt, Katherine Wright and her husband Mike; the couple had no children of their own. They took custody of the children and raised them outside of Los Angeles, apparently with the children using a different surname during childhood in order to “protect them from the media and allow them to grow up in relative obscurity”. They first lived in Eau Claire, a community in northern Wisconsin, then in Edina, Minnesota. Later, the children went to live with a paternal relative, their uncle and Phil’s brother, John.

Early education, career, hobbies/interests

Once at school, it became apparent that Sean was an artistic figure, just like his father had been before him.

He attended the faculty of Edina High for high school. During his stay here, he participated in artistic activities such as creating and illustrating the poster for the short film “Kimura’s Vengeance”. Sean had an obvious passion for music from an early age and was a member of several bands, including “Metamorphic Mexico”, of which there are black and white photos.

After high school, he attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design from which he later graduated, after which he interned at several art companies, pursuing his dream of staying in the art world.


Sean is an actor, writer, graphic designer, voice actor, artist and comedian.

He used his natural interest and passion for the arts to create a career that branched out in different directions within the artistic field. He has had various illustration and graphic design work, although none of them are well known in the public domain.

He is the keyboardist of the group ‘Moonstone Continuum’ which occurs in the United States. He is currently performing Stand Up Comedy with the Cleveland Comedy club, as he can be seen promoting on his Instagram account. He is relatively active on Instagram, under the name of @sean_hartman.

Sean currently resides in Oakland, CA.


Sean is currently single, although he is very tight-lipped about his personal life. He does not comment on it, post about it, or make any public statements that could lead to further indications of his relationship status.

Other relationships

Sean is still close to his sister Birgen, having attended her wedding to Brandon in 2018. Birgen and Branden got engaged in 2015 and married in 2018 in a beautiful ceremony in Italy. There are pictures of this ceremony, which seemed like a fairy tale for Birgen. Sean remains a supportive and close brother to his sister and only brother. Birgen continues to live outside of Los Angeles, stating that her love of nature compels her to live a more rural life.

Birgen was featured in SNL’s 40e anniversary special, reuniting with many of his father’s old friends; Sean was not present.

Unlike in childhood, today the two proudly use their real surname “Hartman”.

Net value

The estimated current net worth of Sean Edward Hartman is $1 million. He and his sister both ended up with an inheritance from their late parents, who had planned ahead in the event of their deaths, leaving an estate worth an estimated $1.23 million. This was to be awarded to children in parts – 25% each after obtaining a high school diploma and the remaining 25% each at age 30.

Additionally, sources suggest that Sean currently earns between $150,000 and $200,000 a year on an average salary through his various graphic design jobs and artistic endeavours.

Physical characteristics

Sean Edward Hartman is tall, has brown or black hair and green eyes.

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