‘We won’t be ready to do anything’: The Russo Brothers reveal disappointing news about their return to the MCU, hinting they’re unhappy with Phase 4

In a whirlwind of cinematic universes and franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has established itself as the most popular. The universe began with Jon Favreau Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow and moved on to Phase 4 of the MCU.

MCU's Spider-Man: No Homecoming
Spider-Man: No Coming Home became one of the most popular MCU productions.

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On the other hand, the DCU has struggled to strike a balance with its audience despite having famous and interesting characters. The studio bet big on its main event Justice Leagueonly to disappoint fans and critics alike, leading to reboot and redesign rumors.

The Failure of Phase 4 of the MCU

Building on the success of Avengers: Endgamefans had high hopes for Phase 4 of the MCU. Its president Kevin Feige had also announced a new slate of movies and shows, which promised exciting new characters to join the fold and give the universe more reach.

MCU's She-Hulk: Lawyer
Phase 4 She-Hulk: Lawyer was heavily criticized by fans.

But Phase 4 was filled with duds, with only a few tasting some success like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Spider-Man: No Coming Home. On the other hand, productions such as She-Hulk: Lawyer, Thor: Love and Thunderand many others were poorly received.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich was supposed to be the biggest Phase 4 release, with veteran director Sam Raimi on board as director and music by Danny Elfman, still fell short for many fans and critics alike, due to tonal inconsistencies, d humor at the wrong time and camp.

Will we see the Russo Brothers return to the MCU?

Directing some of the most profitable and beloved projects in MCU, such as Captain America 2 and 3 as good as avengers 3 and 4, fans wondered when the Russo Brothers would return to the studio and save it from more setbacks. Commenting on the growing demand, they told Variety:

“We are still talking; we would need to see what would work. We won’t be ready to do anything with Marvel until the end of the decade.

The MCU's Russo Brothers
The directors of the MCU Russo Brothers.

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The end of the decade would also mean the end of Phases 4 and 5, both of which have fans worried due to the failure of many Marvel projects. So this could be an indication that the Russos are trying to stay away from Marvel until he stops screwing up. Commenting on Marvel Studios, they noted:

“I think part of the reason we turned to Marvel was that they were another family unit of lovely people and lovely creatives, who also love being in co-op.”

Although, on the other hand, it would be preferable to see the administrators of Avengers: Infinity War and End of Game return as they managed to manage a large roster of superheroes while keeping the story engaging. With avengers 5 and 6 expanding the cast, there are only a few names that fans really trust.

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