Why are Ahsoka’s facial markings different from other Togruta?

Ahsoka is a beloved Star Wars character and fans are always eager to learn all about her. Over the years, we got to know her little by little. But one question that remained unanswered concerned his facial markings. Were they tattoos? Was she born with it? Do all Togruta have the same markings? Fans have often wondered. Fortunately, the answer was given by the latest Star Wars animated series.

What are Ahsoka’s facial markings and why are they different from other Togruta?

Baby Ahsoka in Tales of the Jedi Season 1

Baby Ahsoka in Tales of the Jedi Season 1

We first saw Ahsoka in Clone Wars, then in Rebels, and finally the character made her live-action debut in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Played by Rosario Dawson, we thought the next time we saw Ahsoka would be all alone single-player adventure on Disney+. But surprisingly, that was not the case. Disney dropped Tales of the Jedi and the show started and ended with Ahsoka.

In the first episode titled “Life and Death”, we see the village of Togruta and witness the birth of Ahsoka. When she was born, she had 4 white dots on the 4 corners of her face – 2 on her forehead and one on her cheeks. We also see the facial marks on other Togruta. And looking at the other members of the tribe, it’s safe to conclude that they all sport different markings from each other.

So these marks occur naturally and as the Togruta ages they take over the face in different patterns as we see with Ahsoka. And each is different from the other.

Why do we know the Togruta?

The Togruta in Tales of the Jedi

The Togruta in Tales of the Jedi

In Tales of the Jedi, we got a good look at the way of life of Ahsoka people. They seem to live in villages and lead a peaceful life. But they know how to protect themselves as evidenced by the weapons they have and the drones that help them in their work. Their facial markings resemble those of tribes who put war paint on their faces or cover themselves in body paint and tattoos.

They also seem to wear something from every successful hunt. For example, the old woman in the village had an armband full of teeth, probably from every successful hunt in her life. More importantly, they seem to be tied to nature, as evidenced by the ritual hunt that Ahsoka’s mother, Pav-T, took baby Ahsoka to. Pav-T her that she has to face death just as she feels life all around her. So Episode 1 was a crash course in the Togruta way of life and it helped us understand where Ahsoka was coming from.

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