Harry Potter director David Yates is rumored to be WB’s choice to direct Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2

The long-awaited production man of steel 2, which had started to look like lost hope for the DC Extended Universe fandom, has finally begun. The Henry Cavill movie starring DCU will now be part of a long list of projects that will hopefully transform the DC duo and Warner Bros. into a new and improved tour de force. The only aspect missing now is the guide leading the project.

man of steel 2
man of steel 2 is finally in development

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WB begins director hunt for Henry Cavill man of steel 2

With Henry Cavill re-entering orbit, it almost feels like Kal-El’s first trip from one desperately doomed planet to another in need of saving. As mirror reality to fiction, the actor who gave his most beloved audience, albeit tragically dark, Superman now bears the responsibility of bringing hope to billions of people who have long awaited the return of their savior. The DCU not only looks to the future, but strives to find a better one that requires a fresh start and more efficient management than the DCEU of the past.

David Yates
WB would have found the director for man of steel 2 in David Yates

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The Sorting Hat has begun its search for the new director for man of steel 2 and Warner Bros. may not have to look very far as rumors indicate they may have found a match in Harry Potteris very clean David Yates. Famous for his work on 4 Harry Potter movies and the three fantastic beasts spin-off films, Yates currently ranks as the franchise’s top choice for a director who can usher in a worthy sequel to the 2013 story. Steel man directed by Zack Snyder.

man of steel 2: Plot Details and Rumored Release Date

Currently, not much is known about the extent of what DC has plotted for Henry Cavill’s future in-universe. But Superman remains a driving force for the development of the narrative, given how Black Adam has now entered the battlefield. With The Rock teasing his on-screen persona’s unstoppable power, only Superman will now be able to erect a barrier between the former anti-hero and what awaits him should the latter decide to renegotiate the terms of his territorial confinement in this world.

Henry Cavill Returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill as DCU’s Superman

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This sets up the plot of a confrontation between Black Adam and Superman, although man of steel 2 is more likely to focus on the Kryptonian’s journey of healing and reassessment following the events of the first film. The impact of Superman’s trauma after he was forced to kill Zod will play a major role in his growth and development as a hero who symbolizes peace and represents a beacon of hope for the people of his world.

There are rumors that Henry Cavill would also make an appearance in the Ezra Miller film. the flash who will star in the Flashpoint Paradox. The film then has the potential to erase any connection to the SnyderVerse and renew the titular heroes of the Justice League for a fresh start in a new DCU.

The release date of man of steel 2 is not yet announced.

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