Johnny Depp isn’t done planning revenge on Amber Heard – refuses to pay cash-strapped, nearly bankrupt ‘Aquaman’ actresses $2m

In November, it’s been more than five months since the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard saga was drawn to a painfully disturbing end. For both factions, it was obvious that the high-profile trial that simply looked at whether or not Amber Heard defamed her ex-husband would prevail over the low-key London defamation case that ruled The Sun was not wrong to ‘having called Johnny Depp a “wife beater.”

Although the latter lost the libel suit against News Group and Dan Wootton, and was later awarded $10.35 million by Fairfax County for being libeled on The Washington Post op-ed, it now looks like the drama is far from over for the Jack Sparrow actor.

Depp vs Heard
The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard saga continues

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Johnny Depp plans to extend Amber Heard’s trial

The trial that had occupied the private and public spheres of our lives for the long period from April 11 to June 1 was finally over. Or so we would like to think so. The highly inappropriate extent of sensationalism caused by the libel case between The rum journal The couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been turned into a circus event by self-proclaimed critics on social media. The debate that still rages today has long moved beyond the realm of responsibility, and public vagaries seem more inclined to prove which party is worse than who was responsible and for what.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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Added to the raging fire is the fuel that is Johnny Depp’s characteristic nonchalance. Starting with his courtroom layout to his MTV Video Music Award appearance as Moon Man, it all unfolds as a carefully planned plan of elegant public presentation. Not a single hair moved, the disturbing composure of the fantastic beasts the actor was heavily factored into the public’s perception of the complainant over the ugly sobs of the Aquaman actress as she reminisced about her version of events on the stand.

But while both sides still have a life to return to – Depp to his Hollywood Vampires and Heard at the golden-hued seaside hideaway of Spain – a aspect of the past always catches up with them both. Depp now appears to be withholding the $2 million payable to Amber Heard, as can be inferred from his visit to the Virginia Court of Appeals.

Johnny Depp appeals June 1 Fairfax jury verdict

On November 2, 2022, Johnny Depp filed an appeal stating that the June 1, 2022 verdict, which awarded Amber Heard $2 million in compensatory damages, is Wrong” from the jury. His appeal cites the incident between Adam Waldman and Amber Heard that resulted in the award of $2 million and cites that the latter presented no evidence in court to support defamation allegations against Johnny Depp’s attorney. . Waldman had infamously called Heard’s version of a 2016 incident “a scam” which the Fairfax jury found defamatory of the actress.

Amber Heard during court proceedings in Fairfax
Amber Heard during court proceedings in Fairfax

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However, Depp isn’t the only one reluctant to go down without a fight. On October 11, Amber Heard’s lawyer filed an appeal brief which cites numerous grounds of appeal, including the verdict in the London 2020 libel case which should have been entered into evidence. The two sides now look set to face off for a second time after a long period of respite. However, the mass frenzy that will accompany the endless back and forth between the two celebrities obviously remains predictable.

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