Black Adam Reportedly Turned Down China Release Due To Marvel Fans

Dwayne Johnson’s DC Movie Black Adam behaves decently around the world. But it’s not the runaway success the actor or even DC fans hoped the movie would be. In fact, the word on the streets is that it will need the China release to make a profit.

Dwayne Johnson enjoys some popularity in China. So getting a grand opening there wouldn’t have been impossible for the film. But that’s no longer a possibility because the film isn’t even released in China. And this mishap could have been caused by Marvel fans.

Black Adam Won’t Release In China Because Of Marvel Fans

Doctor Fate in Black Adam

Doctor Fate in Black Adam

DC’s subreddits are buzzing with news that Black Adam won’t be released in China. The reason is that in a recent interview, Pierce Brosnan, who plays Doctor Fate in the film, was spotted wearing the Dalai Lama’s insignia.

According to reddit rumors, Chinese Marvel fans also seem to be behind this and have added fuel to the fire. They allegedly found the footage of Brosnan’s interview and released it in an effort to prevent the DC film from getting a release in China. However, we urge you to remember that this is only speculation.

China has strict censorship laws

The Batman didn't get a China release either.

The Batman didn’t get a China release either.

Black Adam isn’t the first big-budget franchise movie to be banned in China. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Batmanand Spider-Man: No Coming Home also did not get a release in China.

The reason for not getting a release is partly because China has strict censorship laws regarding the depiction of demons and Satan in the story. The other part of the reason is that China is cracking down on Hollywood blockbusters. Marvel mostly seems to be left out of the country altogether.

black adam

black adam

However, each of the films mentioned above that did not get a release in China did well at the global box office. For example, Doctor Strange 2 grossed nearly $1 billion and The Batman grossed over $700 million worldwide. As such, the conversation has now shifted to whether Hollywood still needs China.

Going back to Black Adam, the movie grossed $250 million worldwide on a reported budget of $200 million. It remains to be seen how much the movie will end up earning in the long run without the China release.

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