‘Chances are a lot of his scenes will be CGI’: Hugh Jackman, 54, no longer has the strength to get fit for Wolverine in Deadpool 3, may rely heavily on visual effects

Hugh Jackman’s reprisal for Marvel’s role as Wolverine after he last appeared in 2017’s Logan rivals Henry Cavill’s retaliation for DC’s role as Superman after he last appeared in 2017’s Justice League (we all know he didn’t return for the 2021 reshoots). The constant rush of adrenaline-fueled news from CBM franchises has surely kept us warm throughout the fall season.

But in the meantime, we seem to have forgotten that the actors themselves, unlike their superhuman counterparts, age like us mortals.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman’s Return Could Cost Marvel Heavy CGI

The Logan the actor is famous for his original X-Men: First Class cameo, which in retrospect was epic, as well as his last Marvel entry, which, in anticipation, is historic. Hugh Jackman’s time at Marvel has proven to be long-lasting not just because of his character’s healing factor, but because of the incredible storytelling Wolverine can provide. In the actor’s 17 years portraying the role, it had almost become a matter of permanence, and Jackman became synonymous with his comic book alter ego.

Hugh Jackman Should Get Ripped For His Return As Wolverine In MCU
Hugh Jackman Should Get Ripped For His Return As Wolverine In MCU

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But as the actor prepares for his re-entry into the stratosphere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cost of hosting characters like the original clawed mutant might be a little higher than expected. The 54-year-old actor shared numerous videos to show how he got back into shape for his return to Dead Pool 3. But despite that fact, reports suggest that much of Marvel’s VFX team’s digital work will be focused on the Aussie during post-production.

Will CGI-Wolverine Look Bad On Marvel’s X-Men Resume?

Knowing that Wolverine is back and that Hugh Jackman hasn’t hung up his claws (yet) is quite heartening for now. But if audiences consider the CGI issue, it should be noted that the critically acclaimed film Logan starred a very aged Hugh Jackman as a mutant clone, X-24. While aging isn’t the factor here, Marvel needs to make cost-effective decisions to budget for its A-listers movie as well as pour money into post-production edits.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

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For Mutants’ first entry movie into the mainstream MCU, Dead Pool 3 holds a lot of responsibility and the weight of mass expectations waiting to be fulfilled. Given that Disney actually greenlit the wildly out-of-control three-sequence film starring Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth, and made known its intention to keep it R-rated, there might still be hope for the company whose bread and butter depends on PG -13 projects featuring fairy tales and musicals.

Dead Pool 3 is set to premiere on November 8, 2024 and kick off the MCU’s Phase Six.

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