‘I really like beer’: While Hugh Jackman gets dehydrated for days for Wolverine, Jason Momoa just drinks Guinness beer to look like the Hulk

Aquaman Actor Jason Momoa lives up to other actors who have received the public eye for their amazing physique. These actors work hard day and night and maintain a strict diet to achieve their goals for the role. Actor Hugh Jackman even admitted to not having had a drink at all for 36 hours before appearing shirtless in front of the camera.

Jason Momoa
Actor Jason Momoa

Each actor has their own path to follow when it comes to training. However, Jason Momoa has a pretty unique approach to fitness. Apparently, in the midst of the strict diet he followed, Jason Momoa made room for his favorite drink to be incorporated into his diet, every day. No coffee, not a glass of soda, his favorite drink was Guinness beer. Jason Momoa just had to have it in his diet.

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Jason Momoa’s love for Guinness beer

guinness beer jason momoa
Jason Momoa enjoys Guinness with Ben Affleck

While rock climbing, paddleboarding, weight training and following a tough diet are all part of Jason Momoa’s training, he seems to incorporate his love for Guinness beer into even the strictest of his diets. In a chat with WSVN-TV’s Chris Van Vliet, he explained how exactly he achieves this. Asked about the secret behind getting an Aquaman-like body, Momoa shared his experience.

I really like beer. I won’t be eating carbs all day, and that’s probably not the healthiest thing. But you gotta remember I’m like away from my wife, away from my kids, I don’t eat carbs, I’m on a crazy diet, I have to train between busting my ass and doing stunts. The dog needs a bone, and the bone is Guinness at the end of the day.

Momoa added that although he loves going to work, the monotony of it can be tedious and all he looks forward to is having a few pints with friends after filming as he qualifies himself- same as “Social butterfly.” While he tolerates the act himself, he said his body was just used to it.

The Border the actor shared a hilarious story where during filming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, her body just wouldn’t show up for a scene. That’s until he swallows Guinness beer.

I go to my trainer at the time, ‘Give me a Guinness. Give me a Guinness so just before I did the underwater thing, I broke two Guinnesses, pounded them. And my whole body is like you can see my veins, I’m like Hulk.

Momoa’s approach is surely something that has never been seen before. Well, to each his own, right? With this level of fitness, no one seems to complain.

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by Jason Momoa Aquaman Diet

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa’s first appearance as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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While Guinness was part of his Aquaman regime, it was the only cheating he allowed himself. The actor cut all carbs and junk food from his diet and focused on building mass and turning that mass into muscle. Momoa followed trainer Stuart Walton’s belief regarding his diet. Walton valued nutrition, balance and fun in his diet plans, which is why he did not impose anything new on the actor. Instead, he curated a plan that included healthy foods that Momoa was already used to and enjoyed.

So if you’re planning on getting Aquaman’s body by drinking beer after beer, it’s probably not a good idea. Leave the unusual diet to Guinness connoisseur Momoa.

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