“It always depends on the role, I think, on the story”: 300 Star Eva Green wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There’s a new name in town that features his desire to join Marvel Studios’ superhero universe. Actress Eva Green widely known for her characters in 300: Rise of an Emperor and Sin City: A Lady To Kill For shows interest in delving into the world of the Avengers. However, the actress isn’t desperate to join the superhero world. She has a certain condition that must be met.

Eva Green
Eva Green

A host of stars have currently expressed interest in joining the MCU. While the Studio also has a wide cast of actors and actresses, its vast future ensures that there are still plenty of casting decisions to be made.

How can Eva Green join the MCU?

The French actress and model recently expressed interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eva Green has confessed that she could join the vast universe of superheroes but there is a certain condition that must be met if the studio really approaches her.

Eva Green 300
Eva Green in 300: Rise of an Empire

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Eva Green presented phenomenal performances in 300: Birth of an Empire, and Sin City: A Lady to Kill For. Already having experience in comic book roles in the aforementioned films, one can rest assured that the actress can be a very good casting decision by fortress Kevin Feige.

According to the words of Casino Royale an actress, she can only join the Marvel Cinematic Universe if she’s given a multi-tiered character with a unique approach. Eva Green does not want any characters with traditional clichés.

“It always depends on the role, I think, on the story, if it’s not too one-dimensional.”

After that, the dark shadows the actress referenced her roles in the 300 as good as city ​​of sin suites. She described the unique attributes of these characters that have made them so iconic in the world of pop culture.

“It’s interesting. 300 or whatever, the character was interesting, and she wasn’t just a villain. You get the idea why she behaved that way. She had a dark past that gave her humanity In Sin City, she’s 100% evil, but that’s kind of like. It’s like you have to accept that, and it’s fun to play the femme fatale. No, they were great. meaty roles, and it’s always fun to play strong women like this, and so if you’re like, ‘I’m going to have fun,’ there’s something in there, so go for it.

There’s no denying that Eva Green is extremely selective with her roles, which makes them very unique and iconic. However, this is not the first time that his name has been associated with the world of superheroes. In 2020, there were also rumors that the actress could be seen in Doctor Strange 2 which was debunked by the actress herself. Additionally, she is also proficient in acting, which also allows her to perform stunts if brought into the world of the MCU. Currently, the actress is looking forward to her next release Nocebo.

Eva GreenSin City
Eva Green in the Sin City sequel

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What is Nocebo about?

Eva Green’s next release is a Filipino-Irish psychological thriller titled Nocebo. The film directed by Lorcan Finnegan focuses on a fashion designer suffering from a mysterious illness.

Eva Green Nocebo
Eva Green in the next Nocebo

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The synopsis of the film tells us about a fashion designer who suffers from a mysterious psychological illness that both baffles her doctors and causes problems in her married life. Following this, a Filipina nanny comes to her treatment and tries to help her with some traditional techniques to pave the way for a shocking truth to be revealed.

As of now, the film has a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and reviews from critics are mostly positive.

Nocebo set to hit theaters on November 4, 2022

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