Madam Web Set photo shows Raimiverse’s Daily Bugle logo

A Meaningful Spider-Man Easter Egg Is Revealed in These Stills From the Sony Pictures Movie Madame Webthe production. While Spider-Man has been an active participant in Marvel Studios’ ever-expanding MCU. Sony Pictures has also been hard at work creating its own Spider-Man tie-in cinematic universe. With Venom, starring Tom Hardy, the studio launched its own connected franchise under the name Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU). Although primarily based on Spider-Man villains, these new characters are reimagined as anti-heroes who still protect the world but have questionable morals.

daily bugle

JJ Jameson of the Daily Bugle

JJ Jameson of the Daily Bugle

A significant reference to Spider-Man was revealed by the movie Madame Web. It involves the daily bugle Newspaper. On a set photo of Madame Web, currently filming in Boston, we could see The Daily Bugle.

The image depicts a vintage newspaper vending machine on the sidewalk. It offers several selections, including the Daily Bugle. The title of the bugle clearly states the three earth-shattering words “daughters”, “fears” and “abducted”. It is partially covered by the dispenser door. Even in the background, the situation is quite grim. It offers another fascinating insight into Madame Web’s progression.

Time travel

Madame Web

Madame Web

It remains to be seen whether or not this Spider-Man Easter egg indicates that The Daily Bugle is merely a visual cameo or really plays a role in Madame Web’s narrative. For a number of reasons, it was generally assumed that Madame Web would contain time travel components or possibly be a prequel to Spider-Man. Now that July’s set photographs have been released, it was obvious that Madame Web would be set at least partially in an early 2000s New York City, which served as the backdrop for Sam’s Spider-Man trilogy. Raimi.

This will lead to even more speculative discussions of Madame Web’s place in Sony’s expanded Spider-Man movie universe. Both Kraven the hunter and Venom 3 are on their way. Although nothing has been officially announced, rumors about Madame Web have led to a rather strange story. In this tale, a group of spider-themed characters from across the Spider-Verse come together on a journey to save an unborn Peter Parker.

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