‘Your body won’t be as beautiful’: Henry Cavill almost lost his Superman physique due to cheating

Superman actor and fitness enthusiast Henry Cavill didn’t sculpt his divine body in a single day. His consistent training regimen and diet play a big part in building his frame, and it’s not been an easy journey.

Henry Cavill training
Henry Cavill Shares His Workout Routine and Diet for Getting a Superman-Type Physique

Cavill is known for his roles in DCEU Steel manby Netflix the witcherand Enola Holmes. As one of the most in-demand actors of this generation, fans will never know how he manages to keep those muscles toned.

muscle tech is a supplement company that Cavill endorses and uses in his daily life. A balanced diet is at the heart of fitness and perhaps plays a bigger role than training. In his interview with QG, the Superman star shared his journey using muscle techwhat he learned about fitness and some advice for those who want to venture into physical training.

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Henry Cavill talks about his diet and supplements

Henry Cavill Workout 3
Cavill confessed he tried to cheat at his diet game

the witcher The actor shared that he is working with professional trainers to help and guide him on this journey. He tries to gain more insight into the “why” of everything by asking his trainer, Dave Rienzi, questions such as:

Why does it fit? Why this rather than that? Aren’t they both carbs? Why this protein versus this protein? What does it mean when you do this before or after?

Cavill revealed that he consumed a protein shake before bed, but there were times when he skipped it because he wanted to shed a few more pounds. He never told his coach about it because it didn’t seem obvious the first week. But, after three weeks of skipping protein shakes, he was taking pictures of his progress and his trainer was asking, “Alright, cool. So, do you always take the shake before bedtime?And that’s how Cavill knew he was doing it wrong.

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His trainer told him the reason for taking protein shakes.

The problem with this logic is that, yes, you have fewer calories in your body, but you also enter a catabolic state with how hard you train and how hard you work. So basically what you’re doing is you’re losing muscle while you’re sleeping. So your body will not look as beautiful.”

For his typical meal day, Cavill opted for his usual protein shake, then a scoop and a half of 100% grass-fed whey protein (vanilla flavor) with a cup of oats and berries to mix. The other diet includes a ham omelette and six ounces of beef tenderloin. The post-gym diet includes chicken and white rice with a curry sauce.

His pre-workout routine involves getting up at four in the morning to do physical therapy and finishing it off with sprints. Cavill noticed the huge difference between having a pre-workout routine and skipping it. He added, “It was just that little extra kick that made all the difference. I was going faster and faster.”

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Cavill’s unique approach to fitness mindset

Henry Cavill Workout 2
The actor shares the importance of having a positive mindset when working out

Mental health is just as important as physical health. One cannot function properly if he is in an awkward and depressing mood. Cavill noted:

If there’s a trick, it’s finding something you love to do and doing it. Especially when it comes to maintenance. Have fun doing it, get good at it, then get really good at it.”

But, according to the Sherlock Holmes actor, it’s also important to find something you hate and do it over and over until you end up loving it.

Source: QG

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