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Black Panther 2 Director Ryan Coogler Created Talocan Aztec Because Accurate Namor Comic Book And Greco-Roman Atlantis Screamed “Colonization”


Director Ryan Coogler returns with the Black Panther sequel that will hit theaters very soon. With it, it pays homage to the late actor Chadwick Boseman, an incredible script, and a handful of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Namor.

Ryan Coogler Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Director Ryan Coogler

Actor Tenoch Huerta will play the difficult character of Namor who is the antagonist of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While Namor was originally meant to be the Prince of Atlantis, as seen in the comics, Ryan Coogler had other plans for the character. In a recent interview, he revealed why the Prince of Atlantis will now be considered the ruler of Talocan.

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Why Ryan Coogler Made Namor Ruler of Talocan

Namor Tenoch Huerta Black Panther
Tenoch Huerta as Namor

In a recent interview with super fans, Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler has explained why he thinks Aztec Talocan would be a better choice for his film, instead of the insanely famous Atlantis. Coogler wanted to go in a different direction, one that didn’t follow mainstream media steps. While he wanted to make the best movie possible, he also wanted to give fans something they had never seen before.

As much as we wanted to be the best movie possible, we know our place in the landscape. We want to serve fans and make sure they get a full buffet of different options. We don’t want to give them the same thing twice.

He further stated that the fictional world was now colonized by the Greco-Roman idea of ​​Atlantis. In his quest to make wakanda forever a one-off movie and giving Namor a fresher realm, Coogler decided he wouldn’t go ahead with the same old Atlantis idea.

In the spirit of our films’ conversation with the idea of ​​colonization, we said, “Hey, maybe this Greco-Roman idea has been exposed enough – this idea of ​​Atlantis being Plato’s Atlantis . There are other stories and other cultures of submerged islands or hidden continents.

Coogler’s determination to present something new to audiences is quite commendable, as Marvel has always relied heavily on creative thinking to maintain the original fan base even after all these years. The Creed the director is right to seek inspiration elsewhere because it makes watching the film even more enjoyable. Viewers will certainly be gripped for the entirety of the film as it appears Coogler left no stone unturned to make wakanda forever the next best Marvel movie.

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The Mythical Aztec Paradise – Talocan

Talocan Wakanda
War between Talocan and Wakanda

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With Wakanda vulnerable after T’Challa’s passing, enemies lurk just around the corner, including Namor the ruler of Talocan. Since this mysterious world has yet to be heard, fans might not know what to expect. It is said that Talocan is a place that stands as the final resting place of people who died due to lightning or drowning. The rain deity, Tlaloc is in charge of all affairs in Talocan.

While the humans in the MCU haven’t had an encounter with the inhabitants of the undersea world, the Wakandans have always been a step ahead or two. It won’t be shocking if it’s revealed that the two communities had a past. In a Marvel crossover comic Infinite, Shuri donned the Black Panther costume to get revenge on Namor. After seeing a mysterious female Black Panther in Wakanda forever’s trailer, the possibility of this happening cannot be ruled out.

Ryan Coogler has ensured that the upcoming film will not only break box office records but also come back with viewers. The incorporation of Aztec lore into the film guarantees increased interest in the superhero genre. Looking at the performance of recent projects, this may be exactly what the MCU needs.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in theaters on November 11, 2022.

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