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‘I’d like to see just a full JSA movie’: Black Adam Editor Mike Sale Wants Watchmen Style Justice Society Spinoff


The Justice Society of America has slowly but surely found its way into the DC CBM franchise’s live-action universe. While Black Adam effortlessly walked through walls and rivaled Thor, the God of Thunder, he also provided the equally important launchpad for the JSA and its debut in the new DCU. After receiving worldwide critical and public acclaim, the film has now become a source of spin-off projects while in the meantime the fandom patiently waits for James Gunn to greenlight the avalanche of possible storylines. .

Black Adam is preparing for a future clash with Superman in DCEU
Black Adam is preparing for a future clash with Superman in DCEU

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Mike Sale plans Justice Society of America spin-off

When discussions of spin-offs take root, they often hinge on the commercial success of a film closely followed by the willingness of the director or actors to follow the story through to the end. In the case of black adam, Dwayne Johnson sang such voluminous praise of his DC debut that it eclipsed all the controversies the franchise had been plagued with in a matter of weeks. It is therefore fair that the result corresponds to the effort since black adam really changed DC’s hierarchy in more ways than one and restructured its parent company from within.

Doctor Fate and Hawkman of the JSA
Doctor Fate and Hawkman of the JSA

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Overnight, the film’s success gave way to theories of a Hawkman spin-off starring Aldis Hodge, Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate spin-off, a JSA spin-off, man of steel 2and a third suicide squad film. Mike Sale, editor of black adam recently spoke about his vision for a Justice Society of America project and revealed:

“I love the JSA. I would like to see just a full JSA movie. In my mind, it would be great to make a movie that involves all of their stories and tells the story of the JSA, and also lets them fight something. I think that would be the coolest thing. I think you could find a way to bring Dr. Fate back. I think you could even maybe do time periods, like what they did in Watchmen, I think you could do periods of time, so you could bring people back and do things.

Even though Sale’s pitch isn’t the most articulate plan for the JSA’s future, audiences get the idea that a Justice Society spinoff is a hot topic for the franchise right now. Fresh off the success of The Rock’s film, DCU can certainly work on its expansion strategy, and getting the Justice Society right and rectifying its absent narrative seems like a good start.

Black Adam is putting together a spin-off on Hawkman
black adam mounts a Hawkman spin-off

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The potential for a new JSA movie in the formative DCU

When we try to remember watchmen, the hubris of Ozymandius, and a dim memory of black onyx rain falling on blood-strewn streets as Rorschach criticizes the morally compromised philosophy of humanity flutters into the corners of our brains. But for Mike Sale, it’s the film’s effortless weaving between narratives of the past and present that gives him an idea for a JSA project. If that turns out to be the case, the DCU can dive into the Doctor Fate narrative and tap into its vast knowledge to shed light on the tales of world history through its darkest moments.

Justice Society of America
Justice Society of America

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A film transgressing the era may also explain the absence of the Justice Society, which has remained a major point of contention among audiences ever since. black adamthe exit. The creation of the JSA is a necessary condition for the strategic development of the DCU given how it connects the current world storyline to the larger DCEU canon at work through Amanda Waller. Their involvement in what’s to come will prove essential since the Justice League is still a sensitive subject for David Zaslav and a man of steel 2 is as bold as it gets considering Cavill was nearly gone during the previous management’s megalomania.

The Justice Society of America deserves its own spinoff, and it should be rewarded for it, not just because it fits the narrative in the current setting, but because it’s been a long time coming.

black adam is currently playing in theaters around the world.

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