Robert Downey Jr built a massive inflatable dome house in Malibu that’s so expensive it would bankrupt Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr., known for playing Iron Man, has taken on a lavish lifestyle, much like his favorite character role, Tony Stark. Building a $3.8 million binishell house for his family is something extraordinary but philanthropic because this binishell is an environmentally friendly construction. It took the couple 7 years to design and create this extraordinary establishment which will be their guest house. Not only that, there are more original decisions they made with this mid-modern mansion.

Robert Downey Jr. hired Nicolò Bini for his Dream House project

The short-lived Malibu Mansion of Robert Downey Jr.
The short-lived Malibu Mansion of Robert Downey Jr.

The mansion was originally designed by Nicolò Bini, son of Dante Bini, the founder of Shells company. Entitled ‘Clubhouse’ by Robert Downey Jr., this house was to be built in 2013, during the filming of the Iron Man trilogy, but due to the complex construction of the house, requiring many artists, architects, decorators, etc., to keep balance and harmony by choosing the right elements and elements to escape failure, the project took time. Its bulbous structure was one of the main reasons it took nearly a decade for the mansion to be assembled.

Robert Downey Jr. and his family.
Robert Downey Jr. and his family.

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Nicolò Bini confessed that he did not want to highlight his father’s work but to innovate it in such a way as to make it more efficient than it has ever been. Binishell homes are constructed by encasing a nylon-covered neoprene air bladder in wet steel-reinforced concrete, then slowly inflating it. The mixture burns in nearly an hour and produces a tapered, streamlined bungalow. Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey, wanted to create something that had never been done before, as Susan Downey herself claimed. Bini also backed up her statement in the most sentimental way.

“Call it biomimicry or call it borrowing from nature, but the beauty is that it works.”

-Nicolo Bini

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The home visit by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife

Visiting Robert Downey Jr.'s Malibu House
Visiting Robert Downey Jr.’s Malibu House

The home can best be described as an energy-efficient 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom mid-century modern home with an enviable look of Malibu Lagoon, where the mansion is located. It is nearly 500 meters from the current residence of the Downey family. This 3,384 square foot home offers stunning water views from many rooms. In addition, the mansion also has a swimming pool. Apart from this incredible mansion, Robert Downey Jr. also has a wonderful taste in animals as pets. They have four alpacas, two pygmy goats, Kunekune pigs, belted Galloway cows, two lionhead rabbits, 26 chickens and horses as pets.

Downey Jr. showing off his pets at the Malibu Mansion.

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This remarkable mansion is located in Malibu, California (USA). It looks spectacular, inside and out, and is environmentally friendly. It gives utopian and futuristic vibes to all who see it. Its retro-modern look makes it both livable and eligible for hosting parties and celebrations. Looks like Barbie has a contest against her perfect dream house!

Source: The New York Times Style Magazine

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