‘It Works on an Almost Subliminal Level’: Death of Superman Writer and DC Legend Dan Jurgens Says Henry Cavill Is Superman Incarnate, Wants Him in More DCU Movies

Henry Cavill’s surprise return to the DC Universe as Superman is something fans everywhere are excited about. But in addition to winning the love and support of his fans, the British actor has also received validation and critical appraisal from one of comics’ most renowned writers, Dan Jurgens.

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Henry Cavill as Superman

Not only has he deeply contributed to a monumental extent to popular DC comics, The Death of Supermanbut Dan Jurgens also played an important role in creating some of DC’s greatest supervillains, including Doomsday and Hank Henshaw.

And recently, the writer expressed his appreciation and enthusiasm for Henry Cavill’s retaliation against Clark Kent’s character as he spoke about it in an interview with The comic book fair.

Dan Jurgens thinks Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is flawless

It’s no secret that Henry Cavill shares a special bond with the Superman character, as pointed out by the Steel man actor time and time again in various interviews and talk shows. Well, it’s also this dedication to his character that has helped Cavill truly portray Superman’s true essence and symbolize everything he stands for. And Dan Jurgens agrees.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of The Death of SupermanDC is going to re-release a Deluxe Edition collection of the comic, and while talking about the same, the conversation took a little detour when Jurgens was asked to share his two cents on Cavill’s reinstatement as Superman in the DCU. .

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Dan Jurgens
Dan Jurgens

The 63-year-old expressed his assent to this, noting that the news about the dawn of justice star returning to the superhero franchise was “surprisingly good.” He also mentioned how Cavill has the striking ability to really get into character and present him in an untarnished light. “so you don’t even know he does it,” because it comes naturally to the actor.

Check out his full review on Justice League star putting her cape back on:

“I think Henry Cavill really does this great Superman where he personifies the character. Part of it, people have always asked me about drawing Superman, and what that entails: one of the things I talk about , is that Superman has a certain sense of presence on the page – that if he’s in a room with the Justice League, he should be a figure of attention. He should almost have a sort of sense of nobility to his subject – but not one that terribly assumes he’s trying to put on airs and I think Henry Cavill captures that and is able to portray it on screen in a natural way so you don’t even know that “He does, it’s right there. It works on an almost subliminal level. So I think that’s fantastic, and I certainly can’t wait to see him in the costume a lot more.”

Clearly, fans aren’t the only ones excited for a Man of steel 2.

Dan Jurgens has contributed greatly to DC

Jurgens’ influence on the DCU has been prolific over the years and is also evident through various projects in the franchise, especially when it comes to Zack Snyder films. In fact, the black Superman suit that Cavill is wrapped in, in Snyder’s 2016 dawn of justicewas inspired by Death of Supermanwith some changes to the final adaptation, of course.

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Cavill in the iconic Black Superman suit
Cavill in the iconic Black Superman suit

In addition to working on the famous red caped superhero, Jurgens has also brought characters like Booster Gold and Doomsday to life and has even worked with Marvel as a writer on series such as Captain America and Thor.

So, Cavill getting the stamp of approval from such a revered artist is definitely another win for him and his character.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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