‘Someone’s gotta put Deadpool in his place’: DC Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter declares war on Marvel star Ryan Reynolds

Lynda Carter, the iconic actress who first held the lasso of truth and became Wonder Woman recently joined Tumblr. For fans who spend a lot of time on the app, it didn’t take a second to hit the follow button and add it to their feeds, because those who weren’t on Tumblr went out of their way to create new accounts just so they can see the actress on them.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman (1975-1979).
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman (1975-1979).

Although Twitter has been a problematic platform lately, celebrities have been seen leaving the social media platform, with many leaving it all together and heading to Tumblr, choosing the chaotic website to share their views. and their thoughts.

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Lynda Carter follows Ryan Reynolds to create a Tumblr account

Lynda Carter starred in wonder woman the series from 1975 to 1979 as the titular character, becoming an icon in nearly every home interested in superheroes. The actress recently joined Tumblr, as did Ryan Reynolds, both apparently wanting to get away from the happenings of Twitter. Just like him, she too started her account with a GIF set of her iconic character.

Ryan Reynolds

While Tumblr offers far fewer restrictions than any other website, it also offers free space without too much hate, especially when compared to Twitter. Carter called for a war with Reynolds, not leaving him alone on the platform and watching the mercenary with a mouth. She has been very open about her dismay at Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and has since chosen to opt for Tumblr to be more expressive with her fans.

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Lynda Carter’s amazement with Tumblr

Announcing her arrival on the website, Lynda Carter literally jumped on Tumblr with a GIF of a comic book version of Wonder Woman transforming into Carter’s portrayal of the character. She then posted more about how fascinating the artwork on the platform is, while trying to figure out how the site works as a whole.

Lynda Carter

She further admired all the memes and different photos of her, as well as submitted to the request of fans to put up a profile picture and ditch the triangular avatar she had become attached to. Since then, she’s also reposted fan art of the roles and characters she’s played.

Ryan Reynolds has also posted quite a bit on his account, from memes to funny GIF sets, and is making himself at home on Tumblr.

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Source: Twitter @RealLyndaCarter

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