Monica Vaswani Boyfriend Rish Karam – Age Net Worth And Family

Rish Karam, who is now dating Monica Vaswani, has joined the cast of Bravo’s third season show Family Karma.

She’s a well-known TV personality, but “Family Karma” on Bravo is where she first gained wide recognition. Besides being a digital content producer and influencer, Vaswani has the potential to garner considerable attention.

Besides that, Vaswani is a choreographer. A YouTube channel is owned by the well-known TV personality of Indian descent. She has shared her take on the choreography of a number of Indian songs on YouTube including Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Ghoomar among others.

Between the years 2010 and 2014, she was a student at Florida International University. Vaswani holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Business and Corporate Communications. She attended Pembroke Pines Charter High School for her high school education.

The first episode of the third season of Family Karma aired on Sunday, November 6, 2022. Anisha Ramakrishna, Amrit Kapai, Brian Benni, Bali Chainani, Vishal Parvani, Rish Karam and Vaswani are among the actors included in the cast of the new season . .

The show’s third season focuses on seven American Indians who are in their second generation. The lives of a group of American Indians who moved to Miami, Florida with their extended family are chronicled throughout the show. Learn as much as you can about Vaswani.

Monica Vaswani is a television personality

Monica Vaswani is a television personality

Fast facts

Last name Monica Vaswani
Occupation Television personality and social influencer
Famous for Bravo Show “Family Karma”
Age 30 years
Birthday September 30, 1992
Education Florida International University and Pembroke Pines Charter High School.
Parents Rajesh Vaswani (father)
Buddy Rish Karam
instagram monica_vaswani

Family Karma: Monica Vaswani Boyfriend Rish Karam

Rish Karam, the boyfriend of TV celebrity Monica Vaswani, has joined the cast of Bravo’s third season show Family Karma.

Rish is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur who joined the show’s cast during its third season. He made his series debut in this role. Vaswani and the businessman are said to have been dating for a considerable amount of time, as Karam’s biography on Bravo states.

Karam has an Indian restaurant Moksha Indian Brasserie. Rish, who comes from a strongly business-oriented family, launched the restaurant in 2019 in the city of Fort Lauderdale. According to his Instagram bio, he is also a franchise owner of a Pandora jewelry store.

It was revealed by the TV personality that she had a crush on him for a while; nevertheless, she did not pursue the relationship further. It’s important to remember that Rish grew up with Brian, who was once Vaswani’s lover but no longer a part of his life. Rish, Brian and Brian were all childhood friends.

Season one viewers were eager to see Monica and Brian move past the “just friends” stage of their relationship. The tide turned when their respective audiences saw them both involved in romantic partnerships, albeit with other people.

Unlike Brian, the restaurant owner managed to push their relationship beyond the “friend zone” with the IT specialist. The two individuals had known each other since they were maybe nine or ten years old. Both Vaswani and Rish’s parents have a close relationship with each other’s families.

Karam has been compared to Drake by Anisha Ramakrishna, who used a dollar store analogy. Vaswani considered the remark insulting, while the businessman found it funny and laughed it off. She then referred to Rish using the name of a high-end fashion company, Chanel Drake.

Netizens are eager to find out what the series has in store for their relationship as they work to achieve their American dream while balancing the expectations of their parents who were raised in a more conservative Indian culture.

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Monica Vaswani age and height

In September this year, the star of the Bravo television show Family Karma, Monica Vaswani, turned thirty.

On September 18, she celebrated her 30th birthday with her family and friends. Vaswani was born in the Virgin Islands, which is part of the United States, in 1992. Her 27th birthday, which was in 2019, was celebrated in a memorable way with the children of “Happy Home & School For The Blind”. ”

The time Vaswani spent with the children was captured in a series of photographs and videos she shared on the internet. She said in her writings, “This year was just one of those years where I felt no urge to celebrate my birthday in a major way.”

The TV personality went on to say, “Sometimes you just need to unplug, keep it simple, and remember what helps your mind be at peace.” In 2019, she traveled to India and was able to spend time with the children while there.

She shared whatever was on her mind, saying things like, “We ate biryani, had kulfi, sang songs and tickled each other with so much laughter…my eyes were filled with tears while experiencing their true love.” According to Vaswani, this is by far the most vivid memory she has.

There’s an age gap of a year and nearly three months between the Family Karma Monica star and her lover Rish Karam. Vaswani is older than her partner. Karam, the newest cast member, came into the world in 1993 and he will celebrate his 25th birthday on May 29.

Vaswani, who aspires to become a choreographer, is a well-known television personality who stands at a height of over 5 feet which is commensurate with his body weight. Despite this, the precise measurement cannot be determined.

Monica Vaswani Boyfriend Rish Karam

Monica Vaswani Boyfriend Rish Karam

Get to Know Monica Vaswani Net Worth

Monica Vaswani, an Indian-American TV personality, has a respectable net worth considering the notoriety she has gained in her field.

According to her LinkedIn bio, she worked at Ultimate Software as a Core/HR Specialist from her start until January 2022. After making an appearance on the show, Vaswani caught the eye. Her prominence in the series increased significantly throughout the third season.

Vaswani was crowned Miss India Virgi Islands after a successful competition. She stood up for the South Asian community throughout the year she ruled. The well-known television personality has been actively involved in efforts to protect and advance cultural traditions around the world.

At the same time, Monica also participated in the Miss India World contest. During the year she was queen, she had the opportunity to network and socialize with a number of famous people. At present, Vaswani possesses significant social influence.

After making her first appearance on the show, she quickly rose to prominence. She currently has over 107,000 followers on her Tiktok account and over 64,000 followers on her Instagram account. His social following is impressive on all social platforms.

He is someone who is very goal oriented and a workaholic at the same time. From September 2012 to December 2012, Monica, who is best known for her role in Family Karma, worked as a social media coordinator for EWM Reality International.

During the same period, from October 2014 to February 2015, Vaswani served as a bank teller at Wells Fargo. In late 2015 and early 2016, she worked as an account manager. Her success in her professional life can be attributed to the vast experience she has accumulated over the years.

She didn’t start out with a lot of money, so she had to work hard to get to where she is today. Vaswani worked like a typical woman, working full time and getting her way. Not to mention the fact that she aspires to become a choreographer.

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Monica Vaswani’s family: Her father Rajesh Vaswani

When it comes to her family, Monica Vaswani has a very special relationship with her mother and father, Rajesh Vaswani.

The internet community has a strong desire to uncover the mystery surrounding the close relationship that exists between the TV star and her father. She then said that they were able to know what was going through the other person’s head without her having to say anything. The career goals Monica has set for herself have the full support of their family.

Unlike the majority of Indian parents, who want their children to go into the medical field, Vaswani’s father, Rajesh, pushed her to pursue her interests in the arts. True Family Karma viewers have a lot of affection for the bond between her father and daughter.

Some of you may be wondering where her mother is and why she’s not in the picture. In the typical Indian family, a split like the one involving one’s parents is quite unusual. Her father revealed that he sometimes had feelings of guilt over their separation.

The fact that they decided to end their marriage at a time when it was socially unacceptable created tension within their family. Vaswani acknowledged that she was upset that her parents’ marriage was not successful; nevertheless, she is relieved that they were able to be true to themselves and their individual decisions.

On Instagram, it is also not difficult to get in touch with Vaswani’s father, Rajesh. Her social handle has more than three thousand people following her. He regularly updates his social media account with new images of himself and his daughter.

Monica Vaswani is a television personality widely recognized for her appearance on Bravo's Family Karma

Monica Vaswani is a television personality widely recognized for her appearance on Bravo’s Family Karma

Some FAQs

Who is Rish Karam, the boyfriend of Monica Vaswani from Family Karma?

Rish Karam, Monica Vaswani’s lover, is successful in the business world. Moksha Indian Brasserie, an Indian restaurant, is his company and is located in Fort Lauderdale. He is the owner. In 2019, he launched the restaurant for business. Pandora jewelry is also sold through the Rish franchise. Vaswani, Karam and Brian have known each other since they were children.

How old is Monica Vaswani?

From the year 2022, Monica Vaswani, who plays in Family Karma, will be 30 years old. She spent her 27th birthday in India with the children of “Happy Home & School For The Blind”, where she was volunteering at the time.

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