Black Panther 3 Already In Discussion Between Ryan Coogler And Kevin Feige Though They Didn’t Recast King T’Challa

Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman died ahead of the upcoming sequel wakanda forever. Marvel Studios had been working on the sequel before its lead star died. However, there were questions if the studio would continue the sequel after the main star passed away. Soon, the studio announced that they would not be recasting King T’Challa and would continue the sequel accordingly. The following wakanda forever the release is just hours away, and studio head Kevin Feige has now said they’re planning a third film in the series.

The MCU's Black Panther
The MCU’s Black Panther

In his interview, Kevin Feige talked about wakanda forever and shared that the studio may consider making the third installment of the film series. However, the studio chief is still waiting to see how the public would receive wakanda forever. If they like it, there would surely be a trio on the show.

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Marvel Studios had conversations about Black Panther 3

As the director and the studio claimed that Black Panther would be a homage to Chadwick Boseman, critics agreed the film served its purpose. While critics praised the film for commenting on Boseman’s legacy, some pointed out that it could have been better.

However, Kevin Feige is still awaiting criticism from viewers. The studio head explained how they plan to move forward with Black Panther movies. While talking about black panther future in the MCU, Kevin Feige revealed that there have been conversations about a threequel.

Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 3
Kevin Feige talks about Black Panther 3

This mythology and this set and these characters deserve to continue and will continue after we are gone, I hope, and will continue forever in the movies as well as in the comics for over 50 years.

In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige said the ideas have “has floated around what could be a third film.However, he also said that before ordering a trio, the studio wants to see how the public receives the film. And if the film did well, they will surely continue the series in the future.

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Marvel Fans Are Split On Whether T’Challa Should Be Recast

As Marvel Studios announced that it wouldn’t be recasting King T’Challa, fans were curious to see who would take over from Black Panther in the MCU. Although critics are praising Letitia Wright for her portrayal of Shuri, fans aren’t too happy that Shuri is continuing as Black Panther.

Chadwick Boseman fought bravely until the end.
Chadwick Boseman

While many fans are in favor of not recasting T’Challa, others are open to seeing King T’Challa again in the MCU. Fans say the studio needs to recast T’Challa to keep the character’s legacy alive on screen.

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Fans even started a petition to recast T’Challa as it wouldn’t make sense to continue Wakanda’s story without its king. Fans agree that Chadwick Boseman portrayed the character very well and established him with viewers. However, it would make no sense to continue the series without the main character.

Chadwick Boseman played the title character in Black Panther (2018).
Black Panther (2018)

And just as Feige said those characters deserved to continue, so does T’Challa’s character. Anyone from the cast can continue playing the character, but the studio needs to recast T’Challa.

For now, studio head Kevin Feige said if the studio is planning a trio, they will continue with the same cast. However, since the studio has already announced the next two phases of the MCU, there would be no other Black Panther movie until 2025.

Black Panther is set to release on November 11, 2022.

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