‘But pretty soon you miss it’: Chris Evans reveals he sorely misses playing Captain America, reignites sparks of return as HYDRA agent in Secret Wars

It would be hard to imagine not doing something you love anymore, even if you’re damn good at everything you’ve done. Many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans would have thought Chris Evans’ official departure from the franchise meant the actor was done with his time playing Captain America, but that could change.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll be back as Stever Rogers anytime soon. But according to the latest comments from the snowdrops star about his time playing the alleged leader of the Avengers superhero group (a highly debatable topic), it’s not written in stone that his decision is made to ever return to the fold.

Chris Evans FandomMovies
Chris Evans as Captain America

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Chris Evans is seriously missing his most important acting role

Whenever a Marvel or MCU fan thinks of Captain America, it’s always the dashing face of Chris Evans in the starry suit that comes to mind. It would be an understatement to say that the 41-year-old actor did “pretty well” in the role.

Despite a list of impressive performances in other films like snowdrops and Knives out, Evans will always be remembered as the man who uttered the spooky phrase, “Avengers, unite.” when the penultimate fight with Thanos occurs at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Chris Evans FandomMovies
Chris Evans as Captain America

However, he left the film franchise after the events of End of Game, much to the shock and sadness of fans. While many may think he’s now happy with everything he’s done in the MCU, that’s really not the case.

Even the biggest football teams want to win titles again and again. Just like them, Evans would also love to be back in the role of Captain America, because after all, he will miss that period of his life too!

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During a recent interview with People following his most recent achievement of being named sexiest man alive, the The Fantastic Four star had this to say about the happiest times he was one of the MCU’s star stars-

“They’re tough, but the beauty is that the movies are awesome. You get what you invest. It was a wonderful and very symbiotic relationship, so I was thrilled to do it. I think when the movies end, you’re very happy to take a break. But very quickly, you miss it. I miss it now. But yes, I am very grateful and very happy to have been part of them.

It would be an unspoken fact that almost all MCU fans have a major craving for the actor’s presence in MCU movies.

If caught in a much new perspective, it could also mean a possible return for him as Steve Rogers. But this time around he could very well be brought back as an agent for HYDRA, that would be a pretty formidable force!

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Fans Really Miss Chris Evans As Captain America

It’s no surprise that Chris Evans misses his time swinging the iconic vibranium shield against humanity’s greatest foes.

Chris Evans FandomMovies
Chris Evans as Captain America

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The actor has left a huge hill for anyone trying to play the role (sorry Anthony Mackie!) of Captain America after an 8-year successive portrayal of the famous Marvel superhero. Fans understandably miss him, and his recent comments have only made him that much more impactful.

It’s fate-

A hero in our hearts and on screen-

Just one more time!-


If one thing is certain, it’s that almost any MCU fan would welcome the 41-year-old actor into the world of the MCU.

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