Dasha Nekrasova and Comedia Louis CK Are Apparently Dating and The Internet Has Reactions

The internet is going crazy over rumors that podcast host Dasha Nekrasova and comedian Louis CK are dating, and the responses people are giving to the rumors are even hilarious.

Actress, producer and co-host of the Red Scare podcast with Anna Khachiyan, Dasha Nekrasova was born in Belarus and currently resides in the United States. It would seem that part of being a star is keeping your most controversial political views secret and managing your public relations.

Dasha Nekrasova, of Belarusian and American descent, is an actress who, during her time in the spotlight, did not hesitate to share her ideas.

On HBO’s critically acclaimed Succession series, she is known for her performance as Comfrey Pellits, a crisis PR professional who, at the end of the series, makes her first real connection with Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun ), a series regular.

Dasha Nekrasova

Dasha Nekrasova

Twitter went into a frenzy when it was revealed that Dasha Nekrasova and Louis CK were dating. Because the pair have been embroiled in more than their fair share of issues, netizens are concerned about the state of their relationship.

Both have contributed to the production of news articles in the past. In an episode of The Red Scare podcast, co-hosts Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekravosa responded to allegations of abuse made against Louis CK and Woody Allen.

In her on-screen image, Dasha Nekrasova may be used to handling heated remarks and PR, but in real life, she’s used to making public appearances that are less than desirable.

Dasha Nekrasova hasn’t been afraid to fan the flames of her scandal lately, whether through mildly disturbing Instagram photos or alarming dating rumors with less than glamorous individuals.

The Penguin and Catwoman from Batman Returns, Wario and Waluigi, and Chewbacca and Princess Diana are just a few of the memes that imagine what CK and Nekrasova would look like together.

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Netizens react to dating rumors between Dasha Nekrasova and Louis CK

The internet was split over the idea of ​​them being together due to the fact that they had both been involved in scandals during their careers. It wouldn’t be as surprising if the two were dating given that they both have conservative views on several political issues.

It looks like the two could get along pretty well if their 24-year age gap was no problem for them. The two have garnered varying responses from people they’ve spoken to about their relationship: some people support it, while others oppose it.

Despite being of different ages, it looks like the two will get along wonderfully regardless of the circumstances.

When a Twitter user by the name of @Jezebirb posted a screenshot of an Instagram story from the anonymous celebrity gossip Instagram account TwoMe on Sunday, it sparked rumors that CK had discovered his troubled queen, which led to an increase in the number of rumors that CK had discovered his troubled queen.

In 2014, Dasha made her debut as an actress in the web series Cotton. She would go on to star in a number of other independent films and shorts before rising to prominence in 2019 for her roles in well-known TV episodes such as Mr. Robot.

In 2018, she created a “cultural criticism podcast” called Red Scare, which she co-hosts with American-Russian cultural critic Anna Khachiyan. Red Scare calls itself “cultural criticism podcast”. She also provided voice acting for the video game Disco Elysium, which received widespread acclaim.

However, in 2018, the same year she started Red Scare, she started making political remarks, which quickly got her a lot of attention.

It is common for public figures to avoid responding to rumors that have been circulated about them. Some people fall victim to pranks, while others hear rumors about their relationships with the people they work with or their closest friends and acquaintances.

Dasha Nekrasova is an example of one such well-known person who has just been discovered. Therefore, it is important that we find out who Dasha Nekrasova is currently dating. Dasha Nekrasova was rumored to be in a relationship with Louis CK, who hosts a podcast and is a cast member of The Succession.

This rumor has the potential to receive unprecedented attention on the web. In November 2017, Louis CK was accused of assault by multiple women, and he later admitted to committing the alleged crimes to The New York Times. The allegations first surfaced in November 2017.

According to current speculation, Dasha and the actor who plays Louis didn’t start dating until about six years after they first met.

The relationship between Dasha and artist Dan Lopatin, better known by his stage name “Oneohtrix Point”, was made public by Artnet News in October 2020.

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Biography of Dasha Nekrasova

Actress, filmmaker and co-host of the Red Scare podcast with Anna Khachiyan Dasha Nekrasova was born in Belarus and currently resides in the United States.

In 2018, she became known as “Sailor Socialism” after an interview she gave to an InfoWars reporter while dressed in sailor fuku went viral. In the interview, she was asked about her views on socialism. In 2021, she made her directorial debut with the horror film The Scary of Sixty-First, for which she won the Best First Feature Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. The same year, she also appeared in a recurring role on the television series Succession, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild award with the cast. These two achievements earned him awards from the Berlin International Film Festival.


Daria Dmitrievna Nekrasova

February 19, 1991 (31 years)

Minsk, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union

foster mother Mills College
  • Actress
  • writer
  • director
  • podcaster
active years 2014-present

Early life

Nekrasova’s parents both had acrobatic careers, and she was born in the city of Minsk, then part of the Soviet Union. When she was four, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, with her parents after the family immigrated to the United States.

She graduated from high school at the Las Vegas Academy of Arts in 2008, then studied sociology and philosophy at Mills College after attending that institution for her high school education.

Louis CK and Dasha Nekrasova from the podcast

Louis CK and Dasha Nekrasova from the ‘Red Scare’ podcast could be dating


First seen in music videos for alternative singers like Yumi Zouma, Nekrasova made her debut in the feature film Wobble Palace, which she co-wrote with the film’s director Eugene Kotlyarenko. Wobble Palace is Nekrasova’s first film. While RogerEbert.com said that “although your humorous mileage with its loose awkwardness may vary, this film succeeds in producing a cinematic time capsule” for millennials, The New York Times called the film “a send-off of types a broke artist who glistens with shameful adoration.She starred in the dark comedy titled “The Softness of Bodies,” and The Hollywood Reporter said she “effortlessly” inhabited the role.

Her interview with right-wing outlet InfoWars became an internet sensation as she attended the 2018 South by Southwest festival to promote Wobble Palace. Because she showed her support for Bernie Sanders while dressed in a traditional Japanese schoolgirl outfit reminiscent of Sailor Moon, she earned the nickname “Sailor Socialism”. During one of John Oliver’s episodes of Last Week Tonight, this tape aired as part of a Venezuela-focused segment.

Along with co-host Anna Khachiyan, Nekrasova launched her podcast on March 29, 2018, under the name Red Scare. There is a perception that the show is associated with the dirty left. The article “a critique of feminism and capitalism, from deep within the culture they have created” refers to it as such. According to Daily Dot, the show’s “schtick” can be summed up as “when hot bitches become public lefties”. This description was provided by Simone Norman, a former congressional staffer.

Nekrasova made her runway modeling debut in February 2019 at the Marlborough Museum of Art in Manhattan, which exhibited the fall 2019 collection designed by Rachel Comey. Khachiyan also made an appearance at the event with Nekrasova. The Scary of Sixty-First was Nekrasova’s first film as a filmmaker, and it was released in 2020. Nekrasova and Madeline Quinn wrote the thriller together, and it was prompted by the passing of Jeffrey Epstein. The film received the Best First Feature award at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, where it also made its world debut. Later that same year, Nekrasova co-wrote the short film Spectacular Reality, which was inspired by conspiracies surrounding crisis actors and featured models from No Agency New York. She also directed the video performance of Oneohtrix Point Never’s “I Don’t Love Me Anymore” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which aired November 6, 2020.

In November 2021, Nekrasova posted a photo on Instagram of herself posing alongside Infowars host Alex Jones. Afterwards, Nekrasova called Jones an “excellent entertainer” during an episode of her podcast titled Red Scare.

Comfrey, a crisis public relations representative, is a recurring character that Nekrasova plays in the third season of the HBO Succession program.

Private life

Daniel Lopatin, a musician better known as Oneohtrix Point Never, was Nekrasova’s boyfriend at one time. She was the host of the Cum Town podcast, which has since retired, and she is currently the host of The Adam Friedland Show. She was engaged to comedian Adam Friedland.

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