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‘Give us a chance to catch our breath’: James Gunn hints Justice League 2 may not be happening anytime soon, it takes time to strategize first


If there’s one person in the world that DC fans and Marvel fans would both agree is the coolest person ever, it would be James Gunn. The guardians of the galaxy The director is one of the most talented directors in the world who can make a superhero movie worth every penny to watch.

He’s loved by DC and Marvel fans primarily because he’s the second director to helm films for the DCEU and MCU, though his latest nomination as co-CEO of DC Studios shows a clear lineup. With new responsibility come new demands, and James Gunn must face the weight of endless demands from DCEU fans.

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James Gunn Says Justice League Sequel Will Take Time

It’s been five long years since Joss Whedon’s reputation as a filmmaker has been damaged and burned.

Justice League was supposed to be the starter movie for the DCEU to skyrocket up the list of the greatest movie franchises of all time. But nothing is assured, and a few major changes to original director Zack Snyder’s work on the Whedon-directed film made it a critical and commercial failure, not to mention disappointing DCEU fans.

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But after a massive social media campaign launched by Snyder fans pressured Warner Bros. for her to release a four-hour archived cut of the film, it saved WB face.

The company gave in and made public Zack Snyder’s Justice League, popularly known as the Snyder Cut, received acclaim from critics and fans alike last year. It was clear in the minds of the fans that this was the superior version, and they wanted more.

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Claim a sequel to Justice League has gone from strength to strength, becoming the next big fan-initiated movement at DC. However, good things take time and The Suicide Squad director James Gunn begs fans to wait.

In a recent chat interaction on his Mastodon account, a fan asks the 56-year-old director about any announcements planned for future projects in the DCEU, to which he responds-

“Give us a chance to catch our breath. We have just arrived.

Appointed alongside James Gunn in the role of co-CEO and co-chairman is Peter Safran. While their addition implies a new and exciting future for the DCEU, its best fans are waiting for it and giving them a chance.

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Meanwhile, James Gunn teases the arrival of a popular DC anti-hero

James Gunn’s arrival at DC Studios as co-CEO spells the word exciting, and there’s no doubt DCEU fans will be eagerly awaiting future announcements from the director.

The Slide The director seems to have already tried to leave a trail of ambiguity, albeit not so subtle, by posting a photo of one of DC’s most popular anti-hero characters to his Mastodon account.

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Lobo in Krypton

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Said character, known as Lobo, is a Czarnian native and interstellar mercenary who also acts as a bounty hunter. He has already made his debut in Krypton‘s second season, but fans would be anything but thrilled with his arrival in the DCEU.

Whether or not James Gunn plans to bring Lobo into the franchise, it’s a step in the right direction for DC Studios’ new co-CEO, and fans are looking forward to his tenure in the role.

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