Hopes for Zack Snyder to direct Justice League 2 remain as industry insider confirms Flash director Andy Muschietti may be out of the running

For DCUs, Justice League 2 will be a #1 priority project for years to come, given how David Zaslav has slowly but surely built towards an expansive interconnected universe. man of steel 2, the flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, wonder woman 3and Batman’s multiple appearances across DC set up a narrative that would eventually come together in the team-up movie.

David Zaslav has to be worried about such a big comeback from DC and as such name a director who can redeem the DCEU’s last decade of erratic operation while still living up to the Zack Snyder hype. . Justice League.

Zack Snyder's Justice League
by Zack Snyder Justice League

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DC Films and WBD looking for Justice League 2 Director

True vision and ingenuity combined with a penchant for aesthetic and cinematic artistry brought out the best in the SnyderVerse Trilogy. However, Zack Snyder’s creative disagreements and an unexpected tragedy sidelined plans that might have qualified as modern classics instead of leading to the ensuing years of controversy. Warner Bros. Discovery, currently restructured, its indomitable CEO David Zaslav and its ambitious plans for the DC Universe bring promising news for the franchise with its weighted position and dynamic approach to world-building within 6 months of its arrival.

David Zaslav set to take WB in a new direction
David Zaslav takes the DCEU in a new direction

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Talk about Justice League 2 this early tenure isn’t at all surprising, considering that major plans for JL’s individual superheroes are already underway. It also makes sense that despite Ezra Miller’s absurd building adventure, Zaslav pushed the flash for a final launch. When it comes to this film, the early reactions from the test screenings have been stellar and that speaks volumes for director Andy Muschietti’s expertise in directing CBM projects.

The early success of the flash now merges with discussions on the new Justice League 2 director and rumors indicate that Muschietti is next in line for Zaslav’s elimination shortlist of directing candidates. Whether Zack Snyder fits into any of these plans is still debatable.

Ezra Miller's The Flash Rumored to Set Up Justice League 2 Plot
by Ezra Miller the flash rumor to set up the Justice League 2 ground

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Industry Insider Raises Hopes Of Zack Snyder’s DCU Return

On The John Campea Showsome recent developments regarding the current operation of DCUs Justice League 2 were revealed with updates on whether the rumors of Muschietti’s role as director have any substantial basis.

“We just went over the reasons why he should be considered a valid candidate for this. However, I texted someone last night who is not [Warner Bros. CEO] David Zaslav, or Alan Horn… but who is a little inside and I just talked about it. Now you must understand that I am not a Hollywood Insider. Nine out of ten times I send these emails or text messages, I never get a response. But about one time out of ten I do; and the response I got was, when I asked about Andy Muschietti and “Justice League 2”, all they said was “I haven’t heard of it”. So I mean, maybe it’s worth something, maybe it’s not.

Justice League 2 Andy Muschietti
Andy Muschietti

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Since James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the helm at DC Films, many promising updates about the franchise’s hopeful future have taken shape. Gunn’s complex involvement in the DC narrative, his good relationship with Snyder, and a highly suggestive tweet in the recent past indicating he hears the fandom’s wishes have also given way to discussions of the Steel man return of the director.

David Zaslav’s reign ensured that problematic aspects of previous management were uprooted before moving forward with any plans and one of the main obstacles that had stalled the DCEU’s progress was Walter Hamada’s regime. Just as Henry Cavill’s return was intrinsically tied to Hamada’s exit, Snyder could also make a big comeback under the new, more liberating administration.

Source: The John Campea Show

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