Inside Alix West Lefler Family Life – Meet Her Parents, Michelle And Ben West Lefler And Siblings

It seems that Alix West Lefler’s family encourages her professional endeavors. She started her acting career at an early age.

She was born in Vancouver to parents Michelle and Ben, and is quickly establishing herself as someone to watch in film and television, as well as in the entertainment industry. Her parents are Michelle and Ben.

Alix will star in the highly anticipated crime drama The Good Nurse which will premiere on Netflix this year and was written by Tobias Lindholm.

It is reasonable to assume that her parents are beaming with pride for all that she has accomplished at such a young age. Moreover, she comes from a family that works in the entertainment industry. Her father is a theater producer and also runs the family business.

Alix began her acting career when she was just seven years old, and has since appeared on shows such as Siren on Freeform and Riverdale on The CW. Additionally, she will appear in cameo roles in upcoming episodes of Resident Alien and The Good Doctor. His most recent project is the upcoming drama series My Life with the Walter Boys, which will air on Netflix. The show does not yet have a definite release date scheduled.

Alix West Lefler

Alix West Lefler

Fast facts

Full name Alix West Lefler
Occupation Actress
Date of Birth August 15, 2011
Age 11 years old
Place of birth Canada
Zodiac sign Leo
Dad Well
Mother Michelle

Meet the parents of Alix West Lefler

Alix West Lefler, born to Michelle and Ben, is a child actress and model. When she was a child, her parents took her to see live lumberjack shows in Canada and New Zealand. These trips took place in Canada and New Zealand.

When Lefler was just seven years old, a lumberjack’s sports mate convinced her to audition. This experience sparked the beginning of Lefler’s love for acting. After catching the acting bug and agreeing to play the role, Lefler made the decision to continue acting as a profession.

After completing her training at Biz Studios, she continued her studies at the LeBlanc School of Acting. Lefler has a passion for acting, but she also enjoys exploring new places and trying different things.

His entire childhood was spent traveling with his parents to participate in live lumberjack performances all over Canada and New Zealand. This naturally developed a sense of curiosity, passion and appreciation for the environment around her, and she carried these feelings with her throughout her adult life.

Lefler also made a special appearance on ABC’s The Good Doctor. She played the role of Hope in Siren, which aired on Freeform, for which she received two Joey Awards as Best Actress in a Recurring Role for Younger Audiences on Television. Eleanor Wright on Syfy’s Resident Alien and Juniper on The CW’s Riverdale were two roles that the most promising performers had the opportunity to play.

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Facts about Alix West Lefler

Caniwi is a term that refers to Lefler’s mixed heritage, which includes both Canadian and New Zealand ancestry. Despite being rather small, she participates in lumberjack sports competitions in her spare time and is an accomplished ax thrower.

Regularly, Alix publishes photos on Instagram featuring her parents. Her dad, Ben, is active on Instagram, but her mom, Michelle, doesn’t have a profile. On Instagram, his paternal grandfather is followed by more than a thousand people.

When Lefler isn’t concentrating on a bit of ax throwing, developing her acting skills, auditioning, or going to school full-time, she can be thrust into the essential occupation of being a kid with her friends and his dog, Fred. This gives Lefler the opportunity to fully engage in the experience of being a child.
Alexi is the only child his mother and father have. She collaborated with her twin sister Riverdale on a number of photos which were posted on her Instagram account. As Alix was the only child of her parents, they had to devote all their love and attention to her.

Ben, her father, placed a reference to Legends of Lumberjack Entertainment in his bio, and he also linked to a website that provided information about the show. Ben is not only the owner but also the producer of the theater. For over 14 years, his plays have been staged in countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Canada.

Over the past seventeen years Ben has developed lumberjack shows around the world and has performed in these shows as well. He is excited to bring his unique brand of lumberjack entertainment to Canada and hopes to do so soon.

Alix West Lefler played the role of Alex Loughren in The Good Nurse

Alix West Lefler played the role of Alex Loughren in The Good Nurse

Alix West Lefler Biography

Alix West Lefler is a Canadian actress born on August 15, 2011. She is best known for her performances in the television series Riverdale, The Good Doctor and Siren. She also appeared in the Christmas TV movies Chateau Christmas and Cranberry Christmas, both of which will air on the Hallmark Channel in 2020. The Good Nurse 2022, Riverdale 2021, Fishing for Love, and Resident Alien 2021 are all examples of movies that will be released. in the future.

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Alix West Lefler Age, Height and Body Info

Alix West Lefler came into the world on August 15, 2011 in the city of Vancouver, located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. She is an exceptionally bright young actress who currently has a program on Netflix.

The current age of Alix West Lefler is ten years old (as of 2021). No one knows who Alix West Lefler’s parents are, as far as we know. She currently calls the country of Canada her home. She is a citizen of the Canadian government. His diet is not entirely vegetarian. She is currently a student and is taking classes. Alix’s ethnicity can best be described as Caucasian.

Wealth of Alix West Lefler

10 years old is Alix West Lefler, who is a Lefler (in 2021). Alix West Lefler is her full name, but everyone just calls her Alix. She’s a charming up-and-coming actress. Alix West Lefler’s height is exactly 4 feet and 3 inches. (1.32 m) Alix weighs 30 kg (67 lb). As a child, she had a figure typical of her age. Her eyes are bright blue and she has (long) blond hair.

Profile of Alix West Lefler [Social]

How much money does Alix West Lefler currently have in her possession? Alix is ​​a well-known Canadian child actress who has been on television. She worked on a total of 8 films. It was not known how much money she had in her bank account. His total assets are estimated to be between fifty thousand dollars and two million dollars, according to several blogs, Forbes and Film Credit.

Since December 2, 2019, she has been an active Instagram user. Her Instagram account is Alix West Lefler and her username is alixwestlefler. You can find it there. On her Instagram account, she has 171 posts, 31.5k followers and 606 followers. It has not been determined if she uses Instagram.

The number of members of Alix West Lefler’s FanClub is visible on his Facebook profile. The handle that Alix West Lefler uses on Twitter is @alixlefler, and her username on the platform is just Alix West Lefler.

She signed up for a Twitter account in June this year and already has 36 followers and 43 followers. Alix keeps her social media platforms up to date by regularly uploading new photos and videos. August 2021 is the designated month for collecting social data [the month designated for the gathering of information is August 2021].

Alix West Lefler also appeared in the Riverdale TV series

Alix West Lefler also appeared in the Riverdale TV series

Alix West Lefler Wiki & Career

The desire to perform had become irresistible. At the age of seven, Alix had a role in the stage performance of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This marked the start of her professional acting career. In 2019, the Joey (Young Canadian Performers) Award for Best Ensemble Piece went to Alix and the other performers who were part of the production.

After realizing what she was passionate about, Alix got to work. She began the painstaking audition process by enrolling in acting school, hiring a coach, and beginning the process…the effort paid off.

In 2019, Alix will make a guest star appearance on The Good Doctor. She had lead roles in the TV movies Chateau Christmas and Cranberry Christmas in 2020.

in addition to an appearance on Resident Alien and a regular role as Hope on the popular series Siren, the latter earned her a Joey Award for Best Actress in a Recurring Role on Television, Ages 6-8 . Alix was thrilled to learn that she had won a second Joey Award that year; this time it was for the category of the most promising artists in 2020.

2021 got off to a flying start with a recurring role on the hugely popular TV series Riverdale, which was quickly followed by a starring role in the TV movie Fishing For Love.

Alix is ​​currently up for her first role in a studio feature film. She plays the title role in the short Holocaust drama “The Fast Runner,” and she is one of the contenders for that role.

When Alix isn’t putting down roots with a little ax throwing, honing her acting skills, auditioning, or attending school full-time, she’s immersed in the important occupation of being 9 with her buddies. It keeps her busy when she’s not attending school full time.

On the 2021 season of the popular CW program Riverdale, Westlefler starred as Juniper Blossom, the daughter of Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom. Her identical twin, Dagwood, is also present here with her (Bentley Storteboom). Because her character is starting to have a bigger impact on the show, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is a permanent role.

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