‘It’s different from the DC thing’: Is Zack Snyder directing Lobo? Jason Momoa Says His Secret Dream Project Is ‘The Holy Grail’, Hints at a Standalone Universe Like Batman

Actor Jason Momoa has several projects under his belt that testify to his brilliant acting skills. While he had already made a name for himself with projects like game of thrones and Baywatch, it was really Aquaman which made him really known all over the world. Jason Momoa has already created a legacy in the DCU with his half-human, half-Atlantean persona. Now he’s ready to start his dream DC project.

A preview of Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Recently, Jason Momoa teased his fans via Instagram that one of the biggest news of his life just happened, revealing nothing more but a mysterious person. Well, this cryptic message has got fans spinning the wheels of their minds and thinking that the mysterious name belongs to no one but fan-favorite director Zack Snyder.

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Jason Momoa and Zack Snyder – The Next Dream Team?

Zack Snyder Jason Momoa
Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa

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On November 6, Jason Momoa took to Instagram to share some good news with his fans. He uploaded a story where he said that “one of the big news just happened. Without explaining further, he sent his love to a never-before-heard name, Maestro, who fans assumed was Zack Snyder.

However, in a chat with CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell, Momoa set the record straight. He confirmed that the person he mentioned on his Instagram story was actually not Snyder. The Aquaman the actor teased fans again, two days later. In an interview with ET Canada, he said he was very happy to have James Gunn and Peter Safran taking charge of DC. He added that one of his “dreams come true will happen under their watch.

During his chat with O’Connell, he not only dispersed rumors that he was working with Snyder, but he also revealed that the two teases were about two completely different projects.

These two are unrelated. It was two days of incredible news. This one is like beyond, this one trumps DC’s. You have to dig deeper. It’s the Holy Grail. And it’s different from the DC thing. And I really can’t say anything. That’s it.”

Is Momoa’s DC Dream Project meant to be a standalone universe, just like Batman, or is it something else entirely? All that can be done now is to speculate and wait for official statements. While the two teased projects are Momoa’s dreams come true, it seems that when it comes to which one is more important to the actor, the non-DC one takes the cake.

Lobo to make an entry into the DCU?

Among popular superheroes who are actually mass murderers.
Lobo, DC Comics character

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Even though rumors surrounding Snyder’s return were put to rest by Momoa, fans previously thought the director would return to work on a Lobo-centric movie with the actor. These rumors sprung up as Momoa released his secret history and Gunn shared a photo of Lobo almost simultaneously.

Now, since the rumors have been shut down, it’s exciting to wonder if the shared photo made sense or not. The question is, if Lobo is the next character to come to the DCU or not, and if he is, then who will take over the project?

While Momoa has been a fan of Lobo for a long time and people have speculated that he would play the character, it just doesn’t add up. How can he be both Aquaman and Lobo in the same universe? However, he had previously wished to see Lobo as a villain in the Aquaman after.

A person who wants to play Lobo is The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He said if there’s one character he’d love to play, it’s Lobo.

He’s a badass. Lobo would be very cool. I don’t think I’m as big as Lobo, but if you could transplant Mickey Rourke’s body onto my head, that would be just awesome.

Well, for now, only time will tell what Momoa’s dream plans are and if Gunn was serious when he shared this photo on social media. The DCU is certainly ready to take things to the next level, after all!

Source: CinemaBlend

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